Jeffree Vs. Jackie: Racism in The Beauty Community

Hello Beauty Babes.

This post is a long one and the receipts are BOUNTIFUL

Before going into this, I just want to let you guys know WHY I’m posting this. As a black woman, as well as a black woman in makeup, race is something that matters. People say that race isn’t important, but it is. It’s not everything, but it does matter. Where it gets difficult, is when people use race to demean people and consider their race as superior to someone else’s Like any community, there will be disagreements. But when someone in our makeup community feels that someone of a different race is less than, or not equal to them, something is wrong.

With that being said, this post is going to be LOOONG and full of info. So sit back, and start reading!

So Jeffree Star has never been one to shy away from confrontation. If you don’t know, I decided to not post about Jeffree because of his past statements regarding race, using the n-word, etc.

Someone else who feels this way is Jackie Aina, a black female beauty vlogger who I am a big fan of. I posted about Jackie calling out Tarte in an anti-haul video. In that video, she also denounced Jeffree Star Cosmetics due to his previous racially insensitive comments, as well as him never officially apologizing for making them.

Months later, Jackie tweeted to her fans showing that JS BLOCKED her.


Other Beauty Influencers tweeted who had also been blocked by Jeffree, who as I’ve said, is not one to shy away from confrontation. Thomas Halbert, and Stefanie Nicole are shown tweeting below:



Things got interesting when Jeffree fired back calling Jackie a “rat” and insinuating she had not paid her taxes, even calling her channel “stale”.

This resulted in a bit of a tit for tat, where Jackie clapped back quite instantaneously:


Sssamatha and Alissa Ashley tweeted in support of Jackie, deeming Jeffree’s racially insensitive comments unacceptable:


Of course people thought that the reason for this block-ation was the anti haul video, which JS swiftly denied. However, receipts showed that in March of this year right before the video, he congratulated Jackie on an award nomination. Hmmm…


I could go on and on showing you guys tweets, but I think I’ve shown you the major pieces to this feud. Before giving you my opinion, let me share a key piece in the whole thing, a video Jeffree just posted:

In the video, Jeffree discusses his past racial statements, not specifically mentioning Jackie Aina, but more generally his experience dealing with his past brought up. I know what you’re thinking, and YES there is an apology.

Alright, here’s my opinion.

Let me just start by saying, not liking someone takes so much more effort and energy than liking them, which is why I feel like no one likes to make a stance against things said that are wrong whether they be sexist, racist, homophobic, or just plain mean. In a community like the beauty community, disliking someone is never easy. Do I dislike Jeffree Star? No. But I don’t agree with him saying what he said.

I have to commend Jackie, seriously because there is always someone saying that by standing up for yourself or what’s right, you’re being “dramatic” or “overreacting”. When really, this is what you should do. stand up against something wrong.

I believe it’s not always what you say, but how you say it when it comes to the N-word. I do occasionally bop to rap songs, and if a person of color uses it to refer to someone as a friend, I personally don’t take offense. But Jeffree used the N-word to suggest something wrong. That being that was disgusting. He joked about bleaching darker skin, and there is more. That is something that can’t be shrugged off, but like I said, it’s so easy to just go along with everyone and just like them. It’s hard to stand alone in righteousness, but just because it;s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.

I’m not a big name by any means. But like anyone with a blog, I have a platform. I choose to use my platform to speak my mind and say that racist behavior is wrong. whether it was 2 days, 2 years, 12 years, 20 years, whatever. if it came out of your mouth, that was how you felt. I need to see that you have changed and do not feel that way anymore. You can’t just brush it aside.

In regards to the video, I am glad he did it, but it really should have been done long ago. This is not something new, and I feel like Jackie’s statement in her video was correct. He should have made a statement about this. Blocking Jackie for pointing it out and calling her a rat (which he also called MakeupShayla, another popular black beauty influencer) only makes him look worse. had he just released this video, the situation would have been better. But now it appears to only be a means to an end.

I do feel that sometimes in this overly sensitized time we live in, things get blown out of proportion. Only Jeffree knows what his true intent was. But there are things present here that really can’t be denied. Things that as a women of color make me upset.

As a woman of color, I accept Jeffree’s apology. I do. I feel that he really was genuine and is sorry about his words. I mean if everyone recorded us at our most vulnerable moments, would we be happy? However, when you are provoked, reacting in a racially degrading way is not normal. And by not addressing it, you only make it more difficult for people to determine your true nature. Sadly, racists exist around us. If a person that deems someone of a different race below them runs a business, I would want to know so that I don’t make them richer if they feel like I’m not valuable to them.

So, I don’t hate Jeffree Star. I admire him for being different and showing that it’s okay to not fit a certain preconceived group. HOWEVER, that does not make it okay in the least to say something to degrade someone different than you.

I don’t have an interest to buy from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or to post about it. I want to see if the Jeffree in this video is legitimate. The thing with the truth, and the true nature of someone, is that it always comes out.

But, to conclude beauty babes, let me leave you with a quote of Maya Angelou’s that my mom has always told me:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

I’ll see you in my next post babes, and hopefully it’ll be less serious.

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NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Mattes: Coming Soon!

Hey Beauty Babes!

NYX is one of my top favorite makeup brands. So whenever I get wind of a new collection, I get super excited. But, this one is EXTRA exciting because the NYX Liquid Suede’s are probably my top five favorite liquid lipstick formulas. For someone who doesn’t like liquid lipsticks that take forever to take off, and leave your lips crusty and dusty, the Liquid Suedes are amazing! They aren’t transfer proof, but they dry matte and and are full of color.

The metallic lip trend is still going strong (do we still call it a trend anymore?) and NYX launched the Cosmic Metals Lip Cremes. However, now, they are reaching new levels with the NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Mattes! the first sneak peak we saw of these was on JKissa’s Instagram of her wearing one of the shades, and instantly the beauty community was jiggling with anticipation. We were able to get a better look at the entire collection when a few days ago, Pop Sugar Beauty posted swatches on their Instagram Story.

Here’s What We Know:

  • There are 12 shades
  • Same packaging as the original liquid suedes, and similar formula
  • Launching on June 27th

Shade Names Featured on Pop Sugar Beauty:

Go Rouge- Gunmetal Grey                                             Biker Babe- Deep Crimson

Exposed- Copper cut with beige                                   Modern Maven- Red cut with grey

Ego- Vivid Purple                                                             Neat Nude- 90s Purple Brown

Here are the Pop Sugar Beauty swatches of the new NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Mattes in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is the post from JKissa wearing what appears to be possible Biker Babe, or Modern Maven.

Nyx Cosmetics posted this video on their instagram featuring @luridfoxx swatching ALL 12 SHADES!!!

All Shade Names: (Shades only shown in video have an asterisk next to them)

  • Mauve Mist*
  • Go Rogue
  • Biker Babe
  • Exposed
  • Neat Nude
  • New Era*
  • Bella*
  • Buzzkill*
  • Pure Society*
  • Ego
  • Modern Maven
  • Acme*

I cannot wait until June 27th! these look pigmented, and I am loving all the fun unique shades.

Alright you guys! That’s all for this post. I’ll see you in my next one!

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Tarte is Saying “You Can’t Sit With Us” 🙅🏽

Hello Beauty Babes!

So aside from makeup reviews and hauls and whatnot I also want to post the tea about the happenings within the makeup world and community.

Now let me just start by saying that if you watch any beauty gurus or follow IG beauty accounts, you know the drama of affiliates and sponsors. It has gotten to a point when we can’t even take what someone is saying at face value. Some gurus push products for a profit without knowing if its good or bad. I’m happy though, that they have become more upfront with their business but we still have some work to do.

Image result for emoji girl with money

Photo Courtesy of

If you don’t know about affiliates and sponsorships, here’s a basic description from

“An Internet-based system where you (as an affiliate) get paid for referring sales or customers to another business.” … If the person does decide to purchase, then the affiliate that sent them to the site earns a commission, which is a percentage of the product’s sale price. “

Image result for beauty guru collage

Photo Courtesy of

The real issue can be summed up in this quote from article titled “Paid to Post: How Sponsored Content is Infecting The Online Beauty World” :

“With some of the top beauty channels on YouTube earning more than $50,000 a month, it’s become increasingly difficult to determine what products vloggers really believe in and what products are earning their paychecks.” 

We already get advertisements at the beginning of the video, do we really need to spend 8 minutes watching someone talk about a product just because they’re making money off of it? Thankfully, the FTC has set guidelines and beauty accounts like @beautytruthsleuthofficial and @herestheteax2 on Instagram shed light on these issues.

I was actually looking at @Beautytruthsleuthofficial’s page when I saw that Jackie Aina recently posted a video about Tarte:

Jackie Aina’s Anti-Haul video discussed Tarte at around 2:29 in the video. basically, she said that she has not received a single PR package or heard from Tarte since she discussed their blushes in a previous “Products I Regret Buying” video. In the video, Jackie said

“I can’t support a brand that won’t welcome my honesty. I kinda feel like they’ve shaped themselves into this like “you can’t sit with us” brand like if you say ONE bad thing you’re off the cool list. I don’t agree with that, like I just don’t see why you can’t take a few criticisms” 

Jackie also made it clear that most brands don’t act like this.

I think we’ve all noticed only a certain group of influencers who go Trippin’ with Tarte and receive their packages. I do agree with Jackie and am so happy that she was honest with us. I do personally like Tarte products but as a brand, they should really try to re-evaluate their methods.

Am I against affiliates/sponsored content? No! bloggers need money to buy makeup! Just don’t push a product you don’t believe in because you’re being paid for it. If an influencer pushes a new palette and it stinks, that’s not right on their part.

How do you guys feel about affiliates? Let me know! Also, you can keep in touch with me on Instagram @SageSlays_ Twitter @SageSlays and Snapchat @SageCatherineXO.

I’ll see you guys in my next post! Stay fierce!

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Lime Crime Diamond Crushers FULL REVIEW & SWATCHES!!! 💎💎💎

Hello Beauty Babes!

Spring is here and Summer is like a breakup from a man who doesn’t support your makeup addiction. Fastly approaching, and inevitable!

I’ve been watching to see new trends to report, but one thing is clear, that the metallic lip look has upgraded from temporary fad to long lasting look! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get enough!

Recently I’ve been buying some Lime Crime products. I had always heard about this brand but never ventured to try it out. But when I saw a few of their best sellers on Amazon, I was more than ready to give it a go! One of the products I bought was the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper! What I love about Lime Crime is their celebration of the show stopping looks. They took metallic lippies to a whole new level!

First things first (I’m the realest) let me give you the info on these from their website, and

Image result for diamond crushers

Get the effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks and anywhere else with a swipe of a wand. Can be used as highlighter or iridescent lip topper! Weightless water-based formula goes on matte and dries to a smudge-proof finish. Can be worn alone or over liquid matte lipstick without making it run.”


  • WATER BASED FORMULA. Diamond Toppers are a brand new line of revolutionary toppers that transform wearers’ lips, eyes, and cheeks into a lustrous light show. This water based formula is lightweight, long-lasting, and loaded with stardust.
  • BARELY THERE FEELING. Diamond Crushers will make your iridescent pixie on acid makeup dreams come true without feeling heavy on your skin. They won’t run, smudge, or feel dry and gritty as you send it to the next level.
  • PUT IT ANYWHERE. Diamond Crushers will never be an extra. Apply this high sparkle makeup topper over bare lips, liquid lipstick, as a mermaid highlighter on your cheeks and collar bones, or dab some in your brow so you will always be on point

Image result for diamond crushers

Diamond Crushers come in 10 fun glitter-y shades:

  • TRIP – blue/purple shift
  • LIT – pink/gold shift
  • ACID RAIN – lavender/mint shift
  • CHEAP THRILL – cloud pink/blue shift
  • CHOKE – sunset/rose shift
  • FLUKE – mauve/blue shift
  • STRIP – hot pink shift

These were just recently added to their summer 2017 collection!

  • CLEOPATRA – blush/gold shift
  • BLACK UNICORN – black rainbow shift
  • DOPE – cotton candy champagne shift

Here’s what I wish I would have known before buying them:

  1. They all have a very strong scent, and they all smell different. LIT, smells like strawberry candy (which is really good smelling) however TRIP, smells like blueberry candy (not a favorite, but its tolerable for me) If you’re not into scented makeup near your nose, I’d pass.
  2. These are not like a metallic liquid lipstick. these are a straight up glitter top coat! I also wish I knew that applying these bare like a lipgloss isn’t gonna work. Some people can attempt it, but for me, it did not turn out well it looked like glitter was smeared on my lips.
  3. Finally, apply these sparingly!!! Glitter is amazing but is hell to take off so don’t think you can just wipe these off with a dry napkin. Especially because these set onto your lips.
  4. Finally finally, don’t apply these on dry crusty busty lips. It will be very uncomfortable, and look bad.
  5. You can wear these under gloss, but pat on the gloss with your finger instead of using the applicator directly. it’ll prevent transfer, and keep the lip topper from shifting

Now, finally, here are some swatches of the two shades I picked up: LIT, and TRIP.

BTW these retail for $18. However these are pretty unique, so you definitely are getting your money’s worth.

LIT has a pink and gold shift and has a strawberry candy scent. This pairs great with so many colors. nudes, all kinds of pinks, berry shades, etc.


I would also be aware that LIT can leave a little bit of a stain after wear.



TRIP is a blue/purple shift with a blueberry candy scent. TRIP is not for the faint of heart! but it is such a cool color to wear it reminded me of Unicorn Tears from Too Faced, but more colorful and sparkly!


In terms of packaging, it’s pretty big but not inconvenient. it’s the same sort of packaging for lip gloss, or a liquid lipstick with the doe-foot applicator

WHOO! Finished! I feel like I put in a TON of stuff but at least now, your well informed, and can blow your money intelligently! Would I recommend this product? yes. What would I rate it? 9/10. mostly because of personal preference like scent, but I would totally recommend this product I think it’s fun, creative, and so cute! You can purchase these online at & Amazon Smile is the same as Amazon but better, because you get to support a charity/cause of your choosing! Right now, my Amazon Smile charity is the ASPCA. Who ever said buying makeup can’t be good for the world???

Alright beauty babes, I’m off to bed (at 7am) and am gonna hit up Ulta tomorrow!

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New Makeup Sponges Spotted! 

Hey beauty babes!

Remember way back 2 years ago when the only beauty sponge you could find was the pink beauty blender? Now we are swimming in spongey goodness! There’s probably even a spongebob makeup sponge out there! (Wouldn’t that just be a regular sponge?)

I have not yet bought the beauty blender. In the words of my girl Kathleen Lights “das expensive” I have however, been loving more affordable options like sponges from Morphe, Ecotools, and Real Techniques!

Real techniques used to only have one beauty sponge but just last year came out with Some more options and now have come out with ever more on top of that! Eco tools has even stepped up their game as well! Lemme show you some of the sponges I spotted at Ulta recently…

First, are the new Real Techniques 4 Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges. Now you may know that real techniques recently launched a bunch of new beauty sponges recently, adding on to their already popular original miracle complexion sponge. Now there are so many affordable choices. You can buy the original in bulk with up to 4 sponges in one pack, a jumbo body sponge, a sponge made for use around the eyes, even a DIAMOND sponge! Real techniques has shown no signs of stopping, so it was just a matter of time before they released minis! Now anything miniature speaks to my little kawaii heart (so cute!) but this isn’t just adorable. a smaller sponge reaches in the nooks and cranny’s that your normal sponge can’t fit. concealer for around the eyes, blending liquid highlighter and blush, highlighting the nose, the list goes on! Now these specific sponges are marketed for touch ups on the go but does anyone always do what the packaging says to do? no.

Image result for real techniques eye sponge

Courtesy of

Now Real Techniques another smaller sponge set called the “Mini Eraser Sponge” that is marketed for use around the eyes however, I believe these are smaller and the eye sponge set had a flat indent at the top where these are literal miniature replicas of the original sponge. also, you get four sponges as opposed to just the two. And there so cute and colorful!


Mini sponges are coming through at the drugstore. Not only is real techniques bringing drugstore beauty sponges, but Ecotools is as well! They already have a beauty sponge duo that is regular sized (still testing it out, i’ll let you know how it is soon guys)

Now these are the Ecotools Color Perfecting Minis. My naturalistas will love that these don’t contain any bad mojo and are cruelty free, as well as dermatologist tested. (That sounds good to regular schmegular girls too!)

Because Ecotools beauty sponges are so new, I’m not sure how soft these will be, since the original sponge duo purposely has two distinct textures, but the brand Ecotools as a whole hasn’t let me astray.

Now when I saw “color correcting” I assumed that they actually delivered color with the sponge by itself. However, because it says “best with color correcting concealers, I’m gonna assume that the colors are primarily meant to guide you and help keep the sponges organized maybe. (still, color correcting concealer inside the sponge would be really cool). I’m excited to pick this up and test it out!

Finally, I’m bringing it back to Real Techniques for this funky looking sponge. When I saw this, I was almost about to call an employee to tell them something weird is happening to their sponges. Don’t laugh! I thought perhaps it was really really dry? don’t judge. Anyways, it’s supposed to look like this!

I have to give props to real techniques for coming up with a beauty sponge for washing your face?!?! This is the Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge. It has the same shape and color of the original, except this is made of a material like a loofah for cleansing and exfoliating the face! Sometimes hands don’t get the gunk of the day off your face but spending hundreds on an exfoliating brush just isn’t tasting right. I’m glad RT introduced this product for skincare fanatics like myself!

This is only the beginning of beauty sponges. And i’m only talking about ones at the drugstore! You gotta appreciate variety! (I feel like i’m using the exclamation point too much) OH WELL!!!!

Alright you guys, that’s it for this post. It’s 7:30AM right now, so I need to go to sleep before my 3 o’clock class. Shoutout to my fellow nightowls. CawCaw! oh wait, owls hoot. Hoot Hoot!

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Colourpop Spring Haul 🌺

Hello Beauty Babes!

Colourpop is known for having amazing launches going on all the time. Like seriously it’s like I blink and they have a new collection! (Which they do. Post about it later) but anywhoo, I got an order in and wanted to share my new makeup!

Colourpop’s spring collection came with new shadows, including new super shock shadows. I picked up this gorgeous orangey Peach shade with Silver shimmer called Flipper (like the little mermaid!) this shade is SO unique! I have nothing like it and can’t think of anything like this. It goes great with pink tones and orange tones.

Speaking of shadows, I made sure to pick up four of their pressed shadow singles in:

– 143

– Pebbles

– Cut-outs

– Play by Play

143 is a gorgeous bright violet color. It was from their Valentine’s collection in a duo and they made it available as a single! It’s pigmented but does have fall out which is expected with bright Matte shadows. I wouldn’t say it’s fully opaque, but it’s close to it.

Pebbles reminds me of a cartoon French poodle wearing a beret. I don’t know why. This is a pinky red blush color with a slight pink shift. This worn all over the lid by itself is great. You can use this so many ways even as blush!

Cut-Outs is a classic coral. And it has enough color to show up on my skintone. I love this in my crease or blended out right above it for a warm spring look!

Play by Play is a champagne gold with green and pink metallic reflect. It’s so gorgeous and unique! It gives an extra oomph to a neutral eye look.

Next I picked up this Blush and Highlight Duo in Double Play, which was a part of the “Pink” collection they released.

This isn’t what I go for really I’m more a Peach blush and golden highlight kind of girl but I wanted to try something different so I got this one. I like it more than I thought I would! I was afraid the blush would look pasty on my skin but it looks amazing! It gives a soft pinky flush I love wearing it with cooler tone looks

The highlighter I haven’t worn as much as the blush honestly but it is still a favorite right now. It’s a gorgeous pinky highlight that compliments the blush Well when you wear it!

Finally, I got one of the new spring lippies; the Ultra Satin Lip in Jacquard.

Let me just say that I am in love with the Ultra Satin Lip formula! It’s comfortable but still semi-Matte (Satin) and long wearing. Not transfer proof, but sometimes you don’t want the commitment of one lip color throughout the day. Be flirty. Text “hey big head” to the lipstick you keep in your drawer. Wink at the lip gloss with the cute gold flecks you like.

Getting back to Jacquard, this is like a coral Peach color. I would say “salmon” pink but that makes me hungry. But seriously this, paired with Cut-Outs and Flipper, is such a fabulous spring look! I would be careful though if you have a deeper skintone, this may not work unless you wear a liner.

Here are swatches of all the products

Left to Right

  • Jacquard Ultra Satin Lip
  • Double Duty Blush/Highlight Duo
  • Pressed Shadows in 143,Play by Play ,Cut-Outs, Pebbles
  • Super Shock Shadow in Flipper

Alright you guys! That is it for this post! Thanks for reading and I will see you in my next one.

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New Colourpop Lippies Launching TODAY! 💋💄💸

Hey beauty babes! 

Colourpop is constantly launching new products. So it was no surprise when we discovered that today at 1PM eastern time, they will be launching new lippies! 

Makeup world news on IG posted about today’s launch of Colourpop with the two new lip products:

First, the blotted lipstick which was introduced earlier this year with the Alexis Ren collab. Now they are introducing 8 brand spanking new shades! Not only that but there is ALSO a never before launched Lip product with a similar finish as the blotted lipstick. 

You see, the blotted lipstick is like a lip stain in a lipstick made for a sheer lasting color. So, now they are adding to the Colourpop Family…

The new Ultra Blotted Lip!!! 

The difference between the two you ask? Well, according to Colourpop’s IG story, the blotted Lip is more moisturizing, buildable and comfortable. The Ultra Blotted Lip is extremely Matte, transfer proof, and super long lasting. 

@colourpopfun on Instagram made a collage of a few of the posts from Colourpop’s Instagram story That show the difference between the new Ultra Blotted Lip and the Ultra Matte Lip. 

These will retail for $6, like the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lip, and like I said will be available TODAY at 1PM ET/ 10 AM PT 

How are you guys feeling about this new launch? Are you into the Blotted Lip look? Personally I like full opacity so I’m a bit on the fence on whether to try and buy. 

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