Wet N Wild Haul! – Featuring NEW Wet N Wild Shadow Palettes!

Hello Beauty Babes!

I missed you guys so so so so much! These past months have been crazy. I’ve been trying to improve myself both physically and emotionally, as well as trying to make moves in my life. I have been busy competing in a makeup competition, job searching, and managing my health and in all the crazy-ness I haven’t posted and for that I’m sorry! If you’ve followed me on Instagram (@SageSlays) or Snapchat (@SageCatherineXO) then you’ve been able to keep up with me, and see what I’ve been up to.

But, now I am back, and just in time for the craziness of the holidays! There are so many new launches and products, including Wet N Wild. I actually went into Walgreens and saw a bunch of products that aren’t at my local Walgreens and I got all googly eyed!

Let me start with the product that is brand new to Wet N Wild.

Before going further, let me just say that Wet N Wild has SERIOUSLY upped it’s game! from their highlighters, to their shadows and lip products, they have given high end brands a run for their money. And these new eye products are even more proof of Wet N Wild’s revamp.


Here is the display showcasing the new Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes. As you can see, there is new packaging, new shadows, new everythang! Β There are shadow singles, quads, and palettes.

I picked up one of the palettes on display, in “Not A Basic Peach” which is a warm toned peachy shadow palette.

This format is also new for WNW. There are two larger pans of transition colors, and eight smaller pans of various shadows. I love the color selection for this palette I feel like you not only get all the shadows you need for a complete look, but different colors to play around with looks.

The mattes in this palette are great. They’re very soft and pigmented. The bottom transition color is a favorite of mine. It really worked well when I wore this palette a few days ago. I also really enjoyed the deep dark brown in the bottom right corner. I used this for a smoked out liner and it worked great. also, again, the pigmentation was great. not patchy at all. the only thing I would say about the mattes that wasn’t all good was the fall out and kick up. I definitely needed to tap my brush before using to avoid kick up on some of the shadows. The light peach when I first applied it resulted in a puff of kick up.

Now the metallics. If you know me you know I love my metallics. not only that, but I’m super picky about them too. I want metallics that are show stopping, liquid metal, reflective, shimmery, etc. I didn’t really get what I wanted out of these metallics. I wouldn’t say they’re all bad. I actually used the duochrome peach shade on part of the lid and was happy with how it turned out. However, these don’t give me showstopping metallic shadow quality. I especially had an issue with the turquoise, and that really pissed me off considering that shade caught my eye when buying this palette. when I swatched it, it was no where near pigmented enough to use alone on the lid! I haven’t worked with any other metallics but from swatches, I’m not sure how they’ll turn out but I’ll keep you updated. I do however, think these are workable and you could get a good eyeshadow look from this palette alone.

Would I recommend buying this? YES! For one, it’s HELLA affordable. and the overall quality is pretty good, and you’re definitely able to come up with a great shadow look using this. Not to mention, it’s a good size for travel.

These 10 pan palettes come in four shades, including one that is an exact dupe for the modern renaissance palette (shown below; photo courtesy of IG: @Beauddiction / Samantha Jane), as well as a revamped version of their popular Comfort Zone palette.

For me, I love my Modern Renaissance palette, but don’t want to risk losing it or damaging it when traveling, so I would buy this to bring with me on the go to get the same look.

Image result for wet n wild modern renaissance

Up next, is a glitter single from WNW named NudeComer which is a deep champagne shade with gold shimmer. These Wet N Wild glitter singles are like a solid vaseline texture. It almost reminds me of an eye gloss. Honestly, this product wasn’t my favorite. I have only used it once, but on top of my shadow it didn’t really make a difference, besides making my lid shiny. It is a beautiful shade, and I think that using it by itself on the lid would look good. I’ll keep you guys updated on how I feel about this.

Next, Is a product that isn’t brand new, BUT I’ve been looking for it EVERYWHERE! It is the MegaGlo Β Highlighter in Precious Petals. This has been such a favorite in the beauty community. Even when I tried to snag it when it first came out, it wasn’t available so I grabbed Crown of Your Canopy (which I love too) so I was flippin’ excited to finally pick this up! And it is just as amazing as people say.

It gives you this gorgeous pink/gold shift with a finish that is glowy enough, but not shimmery.

Another item I picked up that’s not necessarily new, is the Photofocus Liquid Foundation. Again, I had heard good things about this product but my local Walgreens didn’t carry my shade. (which is ridiculous because if they don’t even have my shade, what about all the shades deeper than mine? ugh.) So anyways, I found my shade and picked it up.


I think this is a really good foundation. it gives a natural finish to the skin, and gives me the look I want. I LOVE the spatula it helps to get the foundation where you want and helps you not put on too much. Plus, it’s kind of fun! The only complaint I have, and it’s not even that I outright don’t like it, it’s just not my favorite, is the smell. It has a smell like suntan lotion or something. However, I would definitely recommend this foundation. It’s affordable (under $10), and it’s great quality.

Coming to the end of our haul beauty babes, I picked up some Wet N Wild Brushes. You guys, I freaking love these brushes. They are $1-2 each, and are AMAZING QUALITY!

I picked up 3 different brushes, each costing $1.


I picked up the Fan Brush, because it’s great for applying highlighter, specifically Precious Petals.

Next, the Angled Eyeliner Brush. I don’t have alot of brushes like this, except maybe one, and these are really versatile. You can obviously use them for eyeliner, but you can also use them for faux freckles, cleaning up lipstick, polka dot designs, inner corner highlight, etc.


And, if you don’t already know, one of my favorite must have brush types is a blending brush, and the Wet N Wild blending brush is a favorite of mine, so even though I have one already, I picked up another one. I may use one for eyeshadow and one for highlighter. But at 99 cents I may buy a few more especially considering how fire they are!

Alright you guys! This haul is officially finished! But stay tuned because I will have more hauls up, as well as news, including all the new products coming from Wet N Wild. I am so excited to get back to blogging!

Thank you guys for being patient with me, I’ve honestly been trying to rise above some personal struggles recently and am so blessed to come out on the other side. So if you read this and are dealing with something or just feel like you can’t get out of your own way, just breathe. Sometimes things seem so hard when really all we have to do is get started.

Keep up with me on social media!

Instagram: @Sageslays_ Β  Snapchat: SageCatherineXO

I love you guys!

Stay Fierce, Stay Strong, & Stay Tuned!

XOXO, Sage Slays




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