What do we want? NEW MAKEUP CONTENT! When do we want it? NOW! My Two Cents on Youtube Content

I am so confused Beauty Babes.


Is it just me or is Youtube just not cutting it right now?

I usually go to my Subscriptions & can find a handful of videos that are different from one another. New looks using new products, seasonal makeup tutorials, favorites and hate its, etc.

But NOW?


49 videos of the same thing. Not even exaggerating. THE SAME THING.

So do we need 27 reviews on sponsored products uploaded on the same day??? Doing the same look??? Or 29 videos on the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette?

I’m sensing lack of originality and it’s stinking up my nostrils.

The thing we all love about the makeup world on youtube is the diversity and creativity. Hundreds of POVs, ideas, thoughts, which produce different makeup looks different favorites. But then why are Youtubers turning into carbon copies?

A video I was watching from Manny MUA touched on this a little bit. He said that he felt that tutorials don’t amass views and that looks have already been created.

Although I love Manny, and agree on some points, I don’t agree with this.

First about the views, I feel it comes down to QUALITY v. QUANTITY. Quality content that makes your subs happy, or a video with a ridiculous thumbnail showing you doing something crazy like burning makeup brushes that attracts random people who want to watch something out of control.

Second, I feel like although yes, looks have been done, that certainly is not the end. We are no where near the point of “well thats it no more looks” and we probably never will. Why? because the beauty world is continuously reinventing itself every day. A makeup look from last year would not be the same as one for this year. There are new trends, new products, new techniques, new color combinations, new ideas.

So to Youtubers saying they’ve simply run out of juice, I say this. Try again because I’m simply not buying it.

I remember seeing somewhere that Jaclyn Hill said she was “kind of over” the whole thing. And immediately I rolled my eyes. Let me preface this by saying I actually am a fan of hers. But, if you truly were “over” the source of your popularity, then there isn’t a need for your makeup products.

This is what really butters my biscuits fellow beauty babes.

Beauty Youtubers connect with us on social media, yes. But the REAL medium is Youtube. We are able to watch their tutorials and opinions and products and really get to know them and their knowledge of beauty. There’s no shame in them eventually wanting to pursue opportunities to make money. Make your coin girl, I insist. Palette? sure. Lip gloss? okay. I wouldn’t even be mad at a few TV cameos.

BUT. If you are constantly pushing your product in our face and haven’t posted a video in 4 months, then you aren’t being fair to your fans. Plain and simple.

It’s like a singer who hasn’t made music in forever trying to sell something. The way we connect with them isn’t there, so how are we expected to pay when we aren’t getting what we want?

And let’s not forget to factor in money. It’s not a coincidence when 10 youtubers go to an event for a brand and come out with videos using their products.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all youtubers are corrupt or money hungry. But companies paying for product placement or sending freebies has affected the honesty level. For example, why post a 7 minute video about a product that you’re being paid to promote, as opposed to making a video that’s truly for your subs?

And don’t even get me started on the vlogs. I don’t hate vlogs, but I don’t need a beauty channel to be mostly vlogs. I wanna see how your contour blends not how blue the water is in Aruba.

I’ve literally been type-ranting. But let me try to just say what this all is supposed to mean.

I’m honestly just bummed. Feeling like the youtubers I watched before are now too busy trying to get me to buy their products to post a video on youtube that subs want is not a good feeling. Where is the Youtube that inspired beauty lovers? Gave them product recommendations that DON’T come with strings attached or creative makeup tutorials?

I mean it’s pretty simple. Beauty Youtubers should post videos that deal with beauty. Videos that aren’t always sponsored or always feature the products you want to sell.

We want tutorials, favorites videos, recreations, product recommendations, and reviews, all of that. But more importantly we want them to be real. To be unique to the youtuber in the video. It doesn’t have to be the product everyone has talked about.

We just want to be inspired.

Now that you’ve read this, I hope you know I’m not lumping in all youtubers as money hungry or sell outs. In fact, Youtubers that do this aren’t all bad. This is just my opinion as a fan of Beauty Influencers and would like to see improvements in content.

Alright Beauty Babes, That’s all for this post.

Stay Fierce, & Stay Inspired.

XOXO, Sage Slays


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