Big Maybelline Collaboration Reveal Today!(Although I Think I Know Who It Is…)

Hello Beauty Babes!

Before I crash and snuggle with my dogs I wanted to tell you guys some exciting news from earlier today!

Maybelline posted on their Instagram account:


So apparently, there is a special project & collaboration that is being announced today! All the secretiveness has made us all put on our Nancy Drew hats to figure out what is going on! But, I think I may have a theory as to what the big announcement is, and I want to share it with you guys.

I am slightly convinced that the influencer they are collaborating with is…

Makeup Shayla!!!

Image result for makeupshayla

WHY do I think this? Allow me to present to you….

Exhibit A:


On her Snapchat (photos courtesy of IG account @hotfiremakeup) Shayla mentioned a big announcement happening today at 9AM PST/ 12PM EST.

It’s a huge coincidence that the same day Maybelline is announcing a collab with an influencer for a special project, Makeup Shayla, who is an influencer announces a similar reveal the SAME DAY!

Not yet convinced? Well…. take a look at exhibit B

No automatic alt text available.


Early in July, Hot Fire Makeup posted about a Makeup Shayla City Mini Palette spotted, but not yet available (to my knowledge). This may be apart of the collaboration with Makeup Shayla & Maybelline, and may even include other products.

And, now, finally Exhibit C:

How can we forget the amazing “That Boss Life” campaign with Shayla & Manny for the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara?! It’s obvious that Shayla & Maybelline are familiar with one another and do great things together.

And, not to sound like I’m speculating or anything, BUT the photo Maybelline posted to announce the collab project had a photo of a ring with “Big Shot” on it, MAYBE they’re alluding to “That Boss Life” with Shayla???

I would totally LOVE for it to be MakeupShayla you guys, but whoever Maybelline collaborates with will be exciting! We’ll find out by 9AM PST/12PM EST you guys, and I can’t wait!

But I really do think it’s Shayla (insert the infamous Shayla “ooooh” here)

Alright you guys, that’s all for this post!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this post, & I’ll see you in my next one!

Stay Fierce, & Stay Speculating!

XOXO, Sage Slays



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