Colourpop Launching NEW PRODUCTS July 27th! (which is today)

Hello Beauty Babes!

Colourpop has been popping out products all summer long! Actually, even before summer! I don’t even think they have a separate season for new products, I think they just come out with new makeup all year long!

This new launch happening TODAY (July 27th) at 10AM PST/1PM EST is especially exciting and jiggle worthy because they are coming out with products that have never EVER been launched.

Seriously you guys, it’s an explosion of newness. So grab hold of your edges because they are about to be SNATCHED

Colourpop is coming out with CONCEALERS!!!


Yes you guys, concealers! it is amazing to see a brand I’ve followed and loved for years, that became so beloved from their super shock shadows and lippie stix, now have a plethora of amazing affordable products! we’re nearing a full face worth of product!

About the concealers. Whenever a concealer comes out, I am always looking to see the range. I am a woman of color, but on the spectrum of shades, I’m not as dark as alot of my gorgeous melanin infused beauties, so at times my shade is easier to find. But even for me it’s a struggle! At times, my shade is either close to last, or the last one! But i’m veering off track.

I am happy to report that colourpop has a pretty good shade range! I think they did a good job on the shades chosen, making sure they’re truly diverse and inclusive. It is called the no filter concealer, and it doesn’t seem to be a specialty concealer, like a matte or dewy concealer I think it’s mainly a basic concealer.

@dupethat swatched the new concealers here:


There are 15 shades, and retail for $6 each

Colourpop isn’t done yet beauty babes. Launching today will also be BRUSHES!!!!


And not just one or two like before. They are launching a full range of brushes! The brushes are cruelty free, and synthetic which is just like the icing on the cake. The full info on the brushes is below:

Large powder brush: $11


Photo by IG @MakeupbyJesi

Blush brush: $9

Angled Face Brush: $9

Stippling Brush: $8

Fan Brush: $7

Small Fluff Brush: $7

Small Eye Shades Brush: $6

Medium Eye Shades Brush: $6

Blending Brush: $6

Tapered Blending Brush: $6

Pencil Brush: $6

Angled Eye Brush: $5

So the price range is between $5-11, which is pretty good. There is also an available vegan cruelty free faux leather brush holder. Apparently, you can buy all the brushes with the brush wrap for $80, which seems really pricey. Personally, I would just get one or two brushes, not spend that much for 12 brushes, considering you could get Sonia Kashuk brush sets for half that.

Kathleen Lights just posted a video reviewing the concealer AND brushes, so check it out:

Alright you guys that’s….what? there’s more? after the snatchation of my edges, they’re going for the whole wig?

Colourpop is coming out with PRESSED BRONZERS AND HIGHLIGHTERS!!!



And there goes my wig….

With the release last year of pressed shadows, I’m sure we were all awaiting this moment. And now that it’s finally come, we couldn’t be happier!

Well, maybe if we got all of it for free but…




These pressed bronzers/highlights will be in a 12g pan which is bigger than their super shock cheek pan. It’ll be priced at $7 for just the pan by itself, OR you can pay a dollar more to get it in a compact for $8. (personally, I’d do the compact since it’s only a dollar extra)

The highlights come in 12 shades:

S’il Vous Play- similar to Flexitarian, pearl white shadeimg_3112

Ruffle My Feathers- yellow gold shade

Here Kitty Kitty- champagne with olive undertones

Boujee Call- peach toned gold

Angel Food- pink champagne

Go Honey- honey bronze

Freak Like Me- warm toned copper gold

Boy Next Door- classic gold champagne

Total Package- bronze rose gold

Velvet Rope- light gold with peach undertones

Bae Area- bronze champagne

Happy Camper- classic gold with bronze tones


The bronzers come in 6 shades; 3 matte, 3 satin:


CA Dreaming – lightimg_3120

Afternoon Delight- light-medium

Private Party- medium

In It to Win It- medium

Rodeo Drive-medium-deep

Bits and Pieces- medium-deep





Alright you guys, that is all for the Colourpop newness! These products will all be launching at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. There will also be a restock of the Yes Please palette, so if you haven’t gotten it yet and want to buy it, get ready!

I still wanna do a full post about this palette, so that post will be coming soon, as well as my Colourpop haul. (although now, I might need to do another one!)

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys in my next one!

Stay Fierce, & Stay Snatched!

XOXO, Sage Slays



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