Current Favorites: Products That Slay πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’‹πŸ¦„βœ¨

Hello Beauty Babes!

I’ve been wanting to do more favorites posts because personally, I think it’s great to share what works and what doesn’t and also because I enjoy them so much as well. However, it can be kind of tricky. Since I’m always trying and buying new things, by the time a post is up with my favorites for the month, I’m already onto a new group of products. So, I decided to do current favorites so you guys can see what I’m using currently, instead of just for that month.

So, let’s get into it!


With the summer months I’ve been trying to bring more color into the mix and this palette has helped me have more fun and color in my makeup routine!


If you’re a palette person like me, you know how awesome saucesome the Morphe palettes are. I’ve fallen in love with the 35O for warm neutrals and now, i’ve fallen for the 35B.

The 35B has every color in the rainbow. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and so many more in between! I can go crazy with color and have all the colors I need at my disposal. Another reason I love this palette so much is that there are also softer more wearable shades in there so no matter how you want to do your look, this palette will have what you need. AND THE PIGMENT! WHOO! I can’t say enough about this palette I would recommend it to anyone who loves makeup and wants to add color to their look.Β img_2323

My most used colors would be the ones in the bottom left corner like the peaches, corals, oranges, and yellows. but I like to dip into pretty much every shade. I will say though, that the red isn’t as pigmented as I would like, and also the blue in the very top right corner. Only those two. You can work with them, but they don’t have as much pigment as the other shades. But overall, I still feel like this palette is 100% worth it.



A product I’ve been obsessing over is the Girlactik Face Glow in Lustre! You guys know I am a big highlight fanatic! This highlight is one of my top 5 favorites and that’s really saying something if you guys knew how many highlights I have. It’s soooo glowy, I can literally signal people in space. ET PHONE HOME!



It’s so illuminating, but what I love is that it places so well on the skin, it looks like you’re just glowing beautifully for no reason. It’s the type of highlighter that doesn’t emphasize
texture if you have it, and it’s not sparkly it’s just pure glowy goodness. It’s definitely worth the price of $25, I would absolutely recommend it.


img_2404-1The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Amber. I’ve been really into glosses and I’m always on the look out for warm orange-y peach-y nudes. I feel like I always see pinky nudes and I want warm nudes! So when I found this lipgloss, I knew it was gonna be a favorite.

I feel like the color isn’t showing up the same on camera, but it’s just such a gorgeous nude color.


It’s exactly the type of nude that is perfect for me! It’s like peaches and cream. I love how this looks on my warm skintone, it just looks so right! I also love the formula of ABH glosses. It’s thick enough to stay on and deliver pigmented color, but not super thick like a lacquer or to the point where it’s just uncomfortable. It’s just amazing.



Next, I’ve been in love with the E.L.F. Aqua Luxe Blush/Bronzer Duos.


I’ve used the original duos before, but they didn’t blow me away. These Aqua Luxe duos have such a hydrating, moussey texture. It reminds me of the Colourpop super shock formula. What’s so great is that even though it has a moussey texture, it still delivers pigmentation! Also, it sets to a powder finish so it won’t move your foundation out of place. I love the blush, and I really love the bronzer! it blends into place so well, I have zero complaints. And for $6?! GIRL!

img_2327The shade I’ve used the most is Bronzed Peach. I even keep it in my makeup bag. I also love the shade Bronzed Violet. At first I was nervous because of how bright it is in the tin, but the blush isn’t as harsh it goes on really nice. The bronzer really warms up my face. I love how it looks on my face. I was worried something with this texture Β wouldn’t last on my face, but it really does. Sometimes, I’ll just use this alone and I love the way it looks. You can use these with a beauty sponge, or a synthetic brush, or even your fingers!


img_2361-1Another product I’ve been loving recently is also from Elf. The E.L.F. Lock on Brown/Liner Cream has been so amazing. It’s the only thing I use on my brows and I’m usually a 3/4 product kind of girl when it comes to getting my brows on fleek! But this $3 product is all I’ve been using. It doesn’t feel hard or stiff and doesn’t end up crumbling off after a while. They stay in place all day, and it literally doesn’t budge, doesn’t smear, I love it.


img_2317The NYX Big&Loud Lash Primer has made me believe in lash primers. I used to think they were such a waste of time and money, that you could use baby powder, basically I never thought a lash primer would make a difference. I got this in a holiday duo with a liquid liner and recently when I was organizing my makeup, I found this, and used it and haven’t stopped since then! It not only separates lashes, but it makes lashes look fuller, more voluminous, and longer. It just makes lashes look fierce! I really don’t wear lashes often, so to have something that has made people think I am wearing falsies, then I am all for it.

Next, the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil in Nude Oasis.

img_2336I’ve got to be honest with you. The big reason for me buying this was because of how adorable and cool the packaging is! It’s like a cute little sphere! It’s a squeeze tube which surprised me for some reason. The reason this is a favorite though, isn’t the cute packaging. img_2340-1It’s because it’s such a great lip product! It’s so nourishing, it makes your lips look and feel amazing, it’s not oily, it’s not sticky at all it’s like the perfect mix between a lip balm, a lip oil treatment, and a lip gloss. The way I would describe how this feels on the lips, is like a cloud. it makes my lips feel so soft like clouds. I love how nourishing and revitalizing it is, while still giving me that Alyssa Edwards tongue poppin’ (insert here) gloss. priced at $20, it is a bit costly but I really do love this product. I would totally buy more.

img_2366img_2368-1The Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer has been my go to concealer for at least a month straight.Β Let me start by saying it’s hard enough finding a concealer with olive undertones. So as soon as I saw that, I was sold. I actually didn’t fall head over heels for this concealerΒ until recently. I was using it with a setting powder that didn’t work and I really never honed in on it.

But now I’ve just been loving it so much! Β It has great coverage, even being compared by some influencers to the infamous Tarte Shape Tape but at a fraction of the cost at $4!!! This looks so great under the eyes, there’s no flashback, I just love it. I even bought a back up!



Alright beauty babes! Those were my current favorites. I’ve already been trying out new products, so hopefully I can be more consistent with favorites posts. What I may end up doing is just posting about products I’m loving right away instead of always waiting to gather all my favorites up. I don’t know. Let me know what you think!

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Stay Fierce & Stay Tuned!

XOXO, Sage Slays






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