My Two Cents: Does Everyone Really Need A Makeup Line?

Hello Beauty Babes!

So, I kind of just wanted to give my two cents, my opinion, on something that I feel like now is happening really often.

Now, it’s easier than ever to achieve public recognition. With that, most people try to use that to support themselves and make money, so they create business. It’s nothing new, it’s just the way things are.

In the beauty community, when an influencer gains popularity, they collaborate with brands for products, like Morphe, Colourpop, Violet Voss, etc. and some then decide to create their own makeup brand.

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I’m not gonna beat around the bush. It’s 6am, I’m tired, I just ate a bunch of empanadas, and I just want to share my opinion.

Not everyone needs a makeup line. I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where having a makeup line is merely a way to promote yourself or make more money as opposed to a true desire to better the beauty industry and create unique product. You hear almost every day about some guru in the process of starting there makeup line. But to be honest, not everyone should.

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There seems to be brands popping up everyday. I feel like right now, things are in a place where we can all coexist and create products for our desired market so that everyone can have fun with makeup. If you want something edgy, it’s out there. something fun, it’s there. colorful, it’s there. neutral, it’s there. and if you want it for under 10 bucks, or over 50, it’s there. And i love that! I love how many brands there are to uncover and try. But I feel like now people are coming into the business of owning a makeup brand without that necessary vision. They just want to start one because they like makeup, and want to make money. But before they do this, they need to ask.

What are you, specifically, going to put out into the beauty world that is so one of a kind, and smartly created, that gives buyers something special? Or are they merely buying it because an influencer they like has their name on it?Β 

Apparently Laura lee is in the process of creating a makeup line and this made me ask, why? Not with an attitude, or anything, just purely wondering what would she be putting out that will really stand out?

I feel like only a small iota of gurus are doing this, and they all seem to be copying one another, producing basically the same thing. I mean think about it. An influencer with a great personality, lives in la, always wears neutral makeup, isn’t extremely artistic, but is really pretty and funny, and always seems to be “obsessed with” the same thing as everyone else. right now, it’s the jaclyn hill palette, and the KKW contour sticks. So they say they want to have a makeup line, or they do a collab. It always consists of a neutral palette, a light nude lipstick, and a golden highlighter.

I hope you guys aren’t taking this like I don’t like these types of gurus. I watch some of them, follow them, and want them to succeed, but do I want to keep buying the same exact thing over and over again just because someone new is making it?

There are just too many different types of makeup lovers and artists to have this much repetitiveness! You have super artistic makeup lovers who do works of art on their eyes and lips, you have color loving makeup artists who have at least 5 different colors on their face in every look they do. you have kind of punk goth makeup lovers who can do amazing things with black shadow, you have fantasy type makeup lovers, who love using glitter in place of blush and bronzer and only use pastel colored mascara. You have fierce women of color makeup lovers who slay hijabs, or african headscarfs, I mean I could go on and on and on and on.

But with all this diversity and creativity, how do we always seem to end up with the same prototype, same type of influencer creating products for us? Is this really the product we want?

I feel like someone who did it right was Kathleen Fuentes a.k.a. @KathleenLights. She has an amazing channel, is incredibly genuine, cares for her followers, and did not just decide to have a makeup line just because she was into makeup and had a following. She collaborated with certain brands, and then has a line of nail polishes that actually offer something worth buying to her consumers.

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I’m just kind of tired of people in our little makeup community always having to sell. Sell merchandise with their face on it. Sell makeup with their name on it. Can we be smart consumers, and stop to think “what is special about this particular product?”

I would never want to discourage someone from doing what they’re passionate about. There are definitely influencers out there who I feel like certainly CAN and SHOULD produce products. I would be lying to you guys if I said I don’t want to have MY own brand of products. But I don’t feel like that makes me a hypocrite or a judgemental, bitter person for saying what I’ve said.

Someone who I feel like would really add something to the makeup industry with their own brand is Rihanna. She isn’t an influencer, but I think we all can think of two or three celebs that have makeup brands that don’t need to have them. I feel like Rihanna has a unique style and an amazing aesthetic and would produce makeup that would make her fans happy, and would be unique and fun.

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The difference between my passion to hopefully one day be able to make cosmetic products is that as a makeup lover, there is an area of the beauty market that isn’t fulfilled and I would love to one day contribute to fulfilling it. To make a more diverse makeup market, and introduce products I want to see. I personally feel that the reason certain influencers are doing this is not to diversify the products we see and buy, or to offer unique and creative new products. I feel like they have a different objective that ultimately produces more of the same.

I hope beauty babes, that if you read this you’ll at least understand what I mean, and not take offense. I honestly just wanted to share what myself, and others have said and felt. At the end of the day, I don’t know the full truth of the matter, or how things will turn out. This is my opinion, my feelings. everyone has them, and everyone deserves to share theirs.

I will just say this you guys. I know how amazing this community is, and I feel like we all deserve to be offered unique quality products with thought and meaning. Products that add something to our own collections, not just multiply. Just know that as consumers, you set the tone, you decide what matters. Shouldn’t we use our power as consumers to voice reason? To question for quality, not quantity? Just because someone in the public eye creates something, doesn’t make it worth the cost.

Let’s ask questions and actually wonder what makes this product worth buying? Β and let’s put our energy and money towards quality products that are worth what they cost and actually add something to the beauty industry.

Again you guys, let me just say I’m not trying to bash anyone. creating a brand is not like an easy thing. I just want to have products and brands praised and appreciated for what matters. unique, thought out products that are made for its consumers, and brands that have a passion for creating original quality products.

Okay you guys, that’s all for this post, and my two cents.

go buy yourself something pretty.

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Stay Fierce, & Stay Smart

XOXO, Sage Slays




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