Hello Beauty Babes!

So I literally just posted about the new Anastasia Beverly Hills products coming this month, when the whole beautyverse went almonds, cashews, pecans (you know, NUTS) over the official news of a new ABH eyeshadow palette!

Introducing… SUBCULTURE

photos courtesy of Instagram @anastasiabeverlyhills & @budgetbeautyguru

The Subculture palette is supposed to be the sister palette to the Modern Renaissance palette. According to Norvina’s Instagram account:


“I wanted to add to the ABH palette collection with something darker, grungier, that would compliment Modern Renaissance. I describe Modern Renaissance as day & Subculture as night. Modern Renaissance is my staple, but I found myself looking for deeper tones to intensify & switch up my look from day to night. To me, Subculture is so sexy & mysterious. I kept the hues muted, but packed them with a lot of pigment. I wanted you to be the most interesting person in the room, knowing you’re always in good company, your makeup should be unique, to compliment your amazing skills.”



Photo Courtesy of Instagram, @mucciman

This palette has 14 shades. 3 are metallic, and the rest are matte. The theme of this palette is very sexy and smokey. It has a plethora of unique shades that I feel are really not in any palette out right now. I think most people can agree that the Modern Renaissance palette really sparked the trend of romantic warm brown, deep fuschia, brick red eyeshadows so maybe the Subculture palette will inspire a whole new range of shadows and palettes! (not gonna lie though, I’m still obsessing over warm tones)


Seen swatched below, from @anastasiabeverlyhills on Instagram, are the shades in the palette:


Rowdy: A deep blackened purple
Edge: A warm mustard yellow
Untamed: A deep grayish teal
New Wave: A warm yellow toned orange
Fudge: (a classic ABH shade) chocolate brown with red undertones
Electric: A metallic yellow gold with green shift
Roxy: A peach coral
Axis: A navy blue
Mercury: A taupe gray
All Star: A deep red burgundy
Adorn: A metallic bronze gold
Destiny: A deep sage green
Dawn: A cream beige
Cube: a metallic pearl with pink shift

Personally I love the unique color scheme of this palette. Usually palettes tend to be a bit one track minded and tend to go with colors that are all the same. Which is good, but can also be limiting. With this palette, you have warm tones like Roxy, New Wave, & Edge, you have cool tones like Axis, Mercury, & Rowdy, Greens like Untamed & Destiny, and you can really come up with a bunch of unique looks.

(photo courtesy of Instagram @mucciman)


This palette has been a hot topic for a while now. Especially when unexpectedly, someone leaked images of the palette, saying that someone who works at ABH gave it to them.

Although, as makeup lovers, we want to know what’s in the works and what’s soon to come, it’s not okay to leak someone’s hard work and preparation, and spoiling all they’ve planned. Norvina and Anastasia Beverly Hills worked extremely hard on this palette and one greedy person tried to mess that up for them, and us. Thankfully, everything worked out and soon, we can all expect the Subculture palette!

So, when is it coming?

This palette has the same launch dates as the ABH Liquid Glow, and the ABH matte lipsticks.

ABH websites in the US & UK: July 25th

Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s, Dillard’s (online): August 1st

Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s, Dillard’s (in store): August 15th

You guys, that’s in less than a week! And it’ll be in stores in less than a month!!!

That’s all for this post!

Excuse me as I try and rearrange my financial situation to prepare for the Subculture palette….

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Stay Fierce, & Stay Tuned!

XOXO, Sage Slays





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