New Anastasia Beverly Hills Products Coming THIS MONTH!!!

Hello Beauty Babes!

New products are always exciting! Especially when they come from a brand that’s know for top notch products like ABH!

The ABH Glow Kits have become a staple in so many people’s makeup routine. Anastasia Beverly Hills & Norvina know how to make a stunning highlight.

BUT NOW right as summer’s got us all in a fresh and dewy skin mood, ABH introduces the Liquid Glow Highlight!


This product comes in four stunning shades and launch on their website on July 25th! They’ll be in Sephora, Ulta, Macys, & Dillard Online on August 1st & in stores on August 15th.

These liquid highlights come in four shades


Perla – a light platinum champagne shade that will compliment fairer skin with warm undertones

Oyster – a pinky pearl shade that will compliment fairer skin with cool undertones

Peach Fizz – a peach champagne with golden undertones that will compliment medium skin with warm undertones

Bronzed – a bronze gold that will compliment deeper skin with warm undertones

Everyone has been buzzing about these ever since norvina teases them on IG a few weeks ago, and they are absolutely stunning! You can see in the pics below how intense these are!

Photos from IG accounts @makeupbypoohbear (left) & @mspaynter (right)


The packaging is all black with a strip to show the shade of the product. It’s in a squeeze tube with a thin round nozzle tip to distribute the product.

photos from IG accounts @hotfiremakeup (left) & @demureartistry (right)


If you’re like me, and want to see this product in action in a video, then you’ll enjoy seeing these babies being reviewed below by StylesbyMira!

Guess what beauty babes? there’s more!

I think we’ve ALL been waiting for traditional lipsticks from ABH. In fact, I could’ve sworn they already had them! But they didn’t, and now they do! or will, on July 25th. These are launching the same time as the Liquid Glow highlighters.


These lipsticks are all matte, and come in a variety of shades. I wish I could give you guys a list of all the shades, but unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to get all the shades in a list somewhere. However, Norvina & ABH cosmetics have been dropping bread crumbs on IG showing us different shades one at a time.

Shown here is the shade Plumeria, which is a gorgeous Plum Wine shade


Here below is Rage, a gorgeous bold blue with a purple undertone



In the photos posted on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram account, you can see how many different shades are in this line! From a range of different nudes, to a bold blue, pink, purple, and girl is that a TURQUOISE???


I really love the packaging. You can the shade Rage again below in the tube and I’m love the black and gold detail it’s so classic and chic, especially with the embossed ABH logo, I’m loving it!


Alright beauty babes, that is all for this post! I love sharing new product release news with you guys so we can all freak out together in unison! Let us all take a moment to shimmy with excitement

(shimmy shimmy shimmy)

Thank you guys so much for checking out this post, and check in soon for the next post!

If you don’t already know, I just became an affiliate for Mikasa Beauty! Make sure to check out my post where I review their brushes, and if you want to check out their products, you can use my code SAGCATHERINE25 for 25% off all products on their site!

I know I know i’m annoying but I can’t help it! I’m excited!

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Stay Fierce!

XOXO, Sage Slays



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