Mikasa Beauty Haul & Review AND SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!!

Hello Beauty Babes!!!!

So in this post I’m gonna be reviewing makeup brushes from Mikasa Beauty, which Β is a makeup brand that makes high quality brushes. They’re pretty popular on Instagram with almost half a million followers which include a few top influencers and on their website they sell brushes, as well as Bodyography Cosmetics, CND Nails, and Esquido Lashes.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, you guys I am so so so excited to tell you guys that I am OFFICIALLY an AFFILIATE FOR MIKASA BEAUTY!!!! This is the first time any brand has ever reached out to me, or the first time my blog or social media has received this kind of attention so to anyone and everyone who reads my blog, follows me, and lets me blog about what I love, THANK YOU. I’m sending you an internet hug and jiggle. In fact, if you’re reading this, hug yourself right now from me to you.

SOOOOO, you guys know I love my beauty babes and saving claude when & where you can! So I’m really happy to share my code with Mikasa Beauty with you guys, and this code is going to save you 25% OFF of EVERYTHING on the Mikasa Beauty website! This includes Esquido, Bodyography, and CND products as well!

The code is SAGCATHERINE25 and works on anything at http://www.mikasabeauty.com

I’m not even gonna lie you guys I may frame this code and put it on my front door. then make a lawn mat with the code also. Don’t judge.


Before getting started, I want you guys to know that I would not even be posting about these brushes if I did not honestly and truly feel they were quality products that are worth the money. Despite any company reaching out to me, I will always be honest with which I support and personally use, and the ones I don’t. And if there is even a small detail that matters, I will tell you.


So, let’s get into it!

Here’s a video of the brushes I’ll be reviewing in action!

I purchased the Mikasa Cream Contour Set which is $35 (but with the code SAGCATHERINE25 it’s $26.25 woot woot!) This set comes with:

  • The F200 Stippling Brush
  • The E220 Concealer Brush
  • The S100 Lemon Drop Sponge


Let me first tell you about the F200 brush. It has a mix of natural and synthetic bristles, and retails for $18 ($13.50 with the code SAGCATHERINE25). Before I start, You guys should know I am not a big user of stippling brushes. When I heard how seamless they were supposed to be, I thought I would use them nonstop! But after trying out a bad one that made my foundation look streaky and had hard bristles, I never used them.

The F200 made me regret swearing off stippling brushes! The bristles were really soft and using them on the face wasn’t uncomfortable. I do have to say, there was minimal shedding the first time using this, but I haven’t had any shedding since. I thought I would use this brush for foundation, but honestly, it didn’t really work for me. Not like it made me look streaky, I’m just so used to using a beauty sponge or a brush with that kind of shape and effect it felt foreign to me. I liked how it applied foundation to the bigger areas of my face like the cheeks and forehead, but for hard to reach places it was weird.

However, This brush is literally PERFECT for cream contouring! I know I should have guessed because of the name of the set, but I was blown away by how seamless my contour looked! When it comes to contouring the forehead, some brushes can make it look helmet-y but this brush buffed it into all the right places.


The next brush, the E220, is a concealer brush made with synthetic bristles that is seperately priced at $12 ($9 with the code SAGCATHERINE25). The way I use concealer brushes is either to clean up brows, or to apply concealer under my eyes, on my forehead, nose, and chin. I have not used this to blend out concealer yet because I used another Mikasa brush for that, but I loved using this to clean up my brows. The bristles are packed in tight, but are also soft and flexible so it’s not stiff. Trust me, it’s not good to have a stiff brush around your under eyes!

Another major reason I liked this brush was that it has a nicely tapered point, so I can really get close to my brows when cleaning them up. This brush did really great cleaning my brows. Honestly, I have no complaints! If you want to see the E220 in action, check out the video below where I’m using it to clean my brows. (I’ve probably said clean my brows 20 times by now)


The last product in the Mikasa Cream Contouring Set, is the S100 Lemon Drop Sponge. it’s made with non-latex foam. Honestly, This may be my favorite product from this haul. You may know that I love beauty sponges. I use them literally whenever I do my makeup. But like all things, there’s good and bad ones. Not to mention factoring in price! I was nervous buying a beauty sponge online because you can’t feel it or anything but you guys, this sponge is so SOFT! It reminds me of a Peep Marshmallow. It’s so bouncy and soft and blends out makeup so freaking well. Like for real you guys, this sponge is like right up there in like the top 5 or top 3 for all time favorite beauty sponges!

The shape is great because I can use the pointed end for hard to reach places like my nose, and I can use the butt (heehee butt) for blending out large areas. I’ve tried so many beauty sponges and this one really stacks up.

Now here comes the honesty…This sponge is priced at $11 ($8.25 with the code SAGCATHERINE25) and it’s a little pricey, especially when you factor in shipping. Is it worth it? The cheapo in me says “girl, no just pick up one from the dollar store” but the makeup lover in me says “yes! it’s such a good quality beauty sponge, and it’s half the price of the beauty blender at original pricing”. So, you can decide if this is worth the cost, but I do strongly recommend it. In fact, I would recommend that the first time on their site, to pick up one brush to try out, and the Lemon Drop Sponge. I totally recommend it without a doubt!


Finally, I tried out the Mikasa Techni Brush in 01. This brush is recommended for use with concealer, or any other cream products, and individually retails for $25 (18.75 with the code SAGCATHERINE25) I did use this for concealer, and I was skeptical of this. In my experience with these types of brushes, most are either too expensive or cheaply made. I have maybe 3 out of 12 that I bought before that I would even use on a regular basis.

When I felt how soft the bristles on this brush were, I was so relieved. Like I said, the under eye area is sensitive, and nothing to mess with. These bristles are synthetic which help with picking up cream product. Using them for concealer, I was happy with the results. It blended out concealer well without it looking patchy or streaky. I did use the Lemon Drop sponge afterwards just because I’m so used to using a sponge for foundation and concealer, but I don’t doubt that using the Techni 01 alone would work just as well. I will say, the price is pretty lofty but the quality does match up.

Alright you guys, now you have my full review and thoughts for all the Mikasa Beauty products I tried out. I wouldn’t be an affiliate of a brand I didn’t genuinely like and want people to buy so please don’t take it lightly when I say this is brand I’m really happy to be working with!

I know I’ve shoved it down your throats enough, but in case you somehow decided to randomly start reading at this very position, HELLO! Make sure to go to http://www.mikasabeauty.com and use the code SAGCATHERINE25 for 25% off on EVERYTHING on their website!

You can see ALL these brushes in action in the video below, where I try them out for the first time.

That’s all for this post! Thank you guys so much for supporting me and my blog. I love our little makeup community so much. There are so many unique and artistic bloggers, influencers, and artists. Not everyone understands what this whole makeup thing is about, but we know that it’s so much more than a shallow ploy to trap men (I mean seriously? come on) it’s a way for us to show ourselves. A way for us to feel beautiful, with or without makeup. I love it. And I love you guys for helping me reach this small milestone. Thank you. Give yourself one more big hug and we can pretend it’s from me to you.

Stay up to date with me on social media:

Instagram: @SageSlays_ Snapchat: @SageCatherineXO Twitter: @SageSlays

I’ll see you guys in my next post.

Stay Fierce Beauty Babes!

XOXO, Sage Slays






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YOU GUYS!!!! I am so freaking excited to show you guys these @mikasabeauty brushes πŸ’πŸ½ I wanted to show you guys how they perform. If I honestly felt these brushes weren't good I wouldn't even be telling you about them. But honestly, these brushes are great! Mikasa Beauty reached out to me and I am now an affiliate for Mikasa Beauty 😍😫 And I'm sharing a code for 25% off ANY purchase on their website!!! I'll be giving a more in depth review of these on my blog, and posting a few more videos on IG as well. Hope you enjoy πŸ˜˜πŸ’„ #makeup #beauty #beautyblog #beautyguru #beautygram #blog #blogger #beautyblogger #foundation #mikasabeauty #mikasa #yass #slay #funny #cute #girly #girl #makeuplove #makeupblogger #makeupblog #makeupforblackwomen #makeupforwoc #cosmetics #concealer #eyeshadow #beautyjunkie #instaglam #makeupguru #makeuptutorial

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