NEW PRODUCTS AT TARGET: Maybelline, Covergirl and More! πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ½πŸŽ‰

Hello Beauty Babes!

You guys, I love it when new products pop up at the drugstore! Brands get to make their products that much better and get to introduce products to keep up with new trends.

It’s like mini Christmas.

So, everyone usually has a go to store to check out drugstore makeup. Mine is Target, because Target is just awesome.

So recently, Target has stocked it’s shelves with new summer releases that I have been waiting to get my chubby little hands on and I wanted to share these spotted products with my beauty babes so we could all jiggle with joy in unison from all across the internet.

Now I know with product spottings it’s kind of bittersweet because you know that new products are coming but you can never tell when it’s going to be coming to your local drugstore. Seriously though it’s so annoying when it feels like you’re specific drugstore isn’t on point with the new stuff. (Like why are you punishing me?)

But, personally, I feel like it’s nice to know what’s there, what to look for, and what to expect.

So, like your finger about to swatch a brand new eye shadow, LET”S GET INTO IT!

Maybelline was probably the brand with the most talked about new releases. There are so many that some aren’t even in this post!

The first that I’m going to discuss is the Master Camo Color Correcting Pens. These retail between $7.99-9.99 and come in 6 different shades that accommodate different skin tones. Honestly when I heard about these I wasn’t excited. The color correctors at the drugstore usually only come in green and purple and peach which are all waaayyy too light for my skin tone not to mention other women of color and have a heavy or dried out texture (not all, but you know what I mean) Now that I’ve seen and bought them (review coming soon) I am so excited about these! They thought of every major color correcting shade for each skin tone and problem. There’s even red! I’m so excited that they thought of different skin types. The packaging is pretty nice. There’s a doe-foot applicator in a horseshoe shape that I thing will really fit in the places you usually color correct like under the eyes, around the nose and chin, etc. So excited for these!

The Maybelline City Mini Palettes retail between $7.99-9.99 and are eyeshadow palettes that come with six shadows in matte, metallic, or shimmer finishes and come in seven different shades (reportedly, there is a MakeupShayla City Mini palette that she collaborated on which will soon be available, but I’ll have more info. on that soon!) Anyways, these are relatively small probably the size of the palm of your hand so they’re easy to travel with in your purse. Not sure how these perform, I did purchase one and haven’t tried it yet but I’ll keep you guys updated.

Maybelline’s Fit Me collection is a universal favorite from their foundations, concealers, and pressed powders. They recently revamped their blushes (and bronzers, which I didn’t see yet) and have included a new Fit Me Loose Powder!

The Fit Me Blush retails for $4.99-5.99 and comes in 10 shades In terms of size, these are smaller that I expected them to be, but their small size does make it easy to use them on the go. I haven’t tried or bought these yet, but I am interested in doing so soon!

As for the Fit Me Loose Powder, this retails for $5.99-7.99 and comes in 8 shades from Fair to Dark. This does not come in Translucent, which I expected, but their is a pretty good shade range so finding your color shouldn’t be impossible. I’m in the shade Medium Deep. I’ll discuss this more on my blog later when I give a review on this product but so far, so good! Also, I absolutely LOVE the sleek square packaging, it looks so high end!

I’m gonna veer away from Maybelline and talk about the new Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation. This retails for $9.99-11.99 and comes in 10 shades from Ivory to Soft Sable. I was concerned that they wouldn’t have my shade from what I had seen before on display but I did find a matching shade. I will say that (surprise surprise) there are not enough shades! I know it’s challenging to match everyone with a foundation, but women of color shouldn’t have to be left out of the shade range this frequently.

From what I’ve seen, this foundation is supposed to have alot of really amazing vitamins to help your skin look great and is described as hydrating. I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll keep you up to date!

Covergirl also released this new Easy Breezy Brow Powder kit. This retails from $8.99-10.99 which is a bit pricey for a brow kit. It comes in four shades from Soft Blonde to Rich Brown. This is a three step brow powder kit with two brow powders and a browbone highlight. It also comes with a small double ended brow brush. I don’t know if I will be purchasing this product, I would like to see more on it before buying it.


Finally, there are some new matte liquid lip releases at the drugstore from both Rimmel London and Maybelline.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color retails from $4.99-5.49 and comes in 14 different colors from pinky nudes like Blush to deep blue-purples like Blue Iris and even black or gray like Pitch Black and Shadow. I’m still deciding whether or not to try these out, but I have heard that they are extremely long lasting, and have also heard that there is a strong odd perfumey smell to these as well.

Maybelline has also released a matte liquid lip color called the Superstay Matte Ink Lip Color. They retail from $7.99-9.49 and come in 10 colors from nudes like Loyalist to a bright hot orange called Heroine which has been a social media favorite. I also have not purchased this product, but have seen positive reviews. I’ve heard these also stay on a very long time and leave a lasting stain on the lips. I’m pretty spontaneous with my lip color and love changing it so I’m still thinking about buying this.

Last but not least is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara, & Curvitude Liner. The mascara retails from $6.99-8.99 and the liner retails from $6.99-8.99 as well.

This mascara has a curving wand that’s supposed to give curled full fan lashes. I have purchased this mascara because I really love Maybelline mascaras and am still trying out this mascara, so I will have a review of this coming soon. This mascara is the third mascara from the Lash Sensational line.

The Curvitude liner is Maybelline’s 1st angled tip liquid liner and it has a curved tip pen with an ultra fine flex tip. I haven’t bought this liner, but it apparently has a unique tip a curved groove in it that is supposed to hug the curve of the eyelid. I think the most important thing is making sure you can still make a fierce winged liner with this!

Alright you guys! That’s all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I’ll probably be doing another part to this post because of all the newness at the drugstore so stay tuned!

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Stay Fierce!

XOXO, Sage SlaysΒ πŸ’„πŸ’πŸΎβœ¨πŸ¦„


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