Rihanna Wild Wild Wild Thoughts Makeup Recreation- Mostly Affordable!

Hello Beauty Babes!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beauty influencers all want to recreate the same look at the same time!

I’ve been waiting for a Bryson Tiller & Rihanna collab ever since Trapsoul and I was even more stoked when I saw Rihanna SLAYING in the music video! Only Rihanna can get everyone to wear green shadow with red lips and make it look fierce, and not like Christmas.

As soon as I saw her in the video, I knew I wanted to recreate this look, and show you guys how I did it! I was even able to do this look with almost entirely affordable products, minus one or two products.

So the key to a great recreation is knowing about the original. So, I researched more about Rihanna’s look.

So, Rihanna’s Makeup Artist is someone I love as a makeup lover and artist, Mylah Morales. She created this iconic look.

One of the most exciting things was learning that the makeup used for this look is rumored to be from Rihanna’s upcoming makeup line, Fenty Beauty!

Here’s the photos of the original music video look:

I wanted to get the eye look juuust right. It’s a mix between teal, green, blue, so for a recreation you want to make sure you swatch all your options.


I decided to come up with the perfect shade for the eyes, I would layer two shadows.

The first (which I think would work just by itself) is from the Morphe X Kathleen Lights palette and its this emerald bright green shade. For more teal and blue, I added Fringe from the UD Electric Palette.

For the rest of the eye look, I used the NYX Perfect Filter Palette in Olive You, and to deepen the crease, I used the blackened olive color in the Morphe X Kathleen Lights palette.

In the music video, it’s set in a steamy hot setting so Rihanna’s makeup is dewy and fresh, so I wanted to reflect that on the eyes, by making them a little glossy. To do that, I used the NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in ElectroMagnetic.

There isn’t a bold wing, just a little black eyeliner near the lashline to make the eyes pop more. I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama Liners in Glossy Emerald & Silken Turquoise on the lower lashline. Mascara was the new L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara in Blackest Black.

I’m not gonna go too much into the face makeup, but if you are planning on giving this look a whirl, go dewy and glowy for the skin. I feel like it ties in well with the tropical nature of look, and it reflects the original concept. Also go for a bronzey warm look in terms of contouring so your face doesn’t look cold and sculpted. For blush, I went with a nude-y peach to help warm up the face. I wouldn’t go with a bright or deep colored blush, so keep it soft and warm. Like a puppy.

Lips really are important and tie this whole look together. When choosing a lip, don’t go with a blue toned red. green and red don’t typically go together, especially if it’s just the basic green and red. What will really help this look come together is to add more tropical hints to the red and green. Add hints of teal, or bright greens, and for the lips, go with just a hint of orange, while still keeping a vibrant red.

Keeping with the fresh and dewy theme, I wouldn’t go with a matte necessarily. I would go with creme shine finish, or possible a glossy finish. On the lips I’m wearing NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels, topped with Kiko Milano Lip Stylo Rossetto Lipstick in 06 Mirage. Something similar to the Kiko Milano lipstick would be the Milani lipstick in Empress.

Alright Beauty Babes, now that you have all the deets, let me show you the final look!




And of course I had to make a video of myself lip syncing to Wild Thoughts in my Wild Thoughts makeup recreation. (you may not know this, but I am an expert lip syncer).


Alright you guys! That’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed my makeup recreation, and if you wanted to recreate this look, I really hoped I could help you out! I’ve loved seeing everyone’s different recreations. It really shows how amazingly unique everyone is with their own unique artistic vision. One person adds blue winged liner, another does glittery red lips, and I love it. I love our little makeup/beauty community we’re so fire.

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I’ll see you guys in my next post! Stay Wild Wild Wild!

XOXO, Sage Slays



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