Jeffree Vs. Jackie: Racism in The Beauty Community

Hello Beauty Babes.

This post is a long one and the receipts are BOUNTIFUL

Before going into this, I just want to let you guys know WHY I’m posting this. As a black woman, as well as a black woman in makeup, race is something that matters. People say that race isn’t important, but it is. It’s not everything, but it does matter. Where it gets difficult, is when people use race to demean people and consider their race as superior to someone else’s Like any community, there will be disagreements. But when someone in our makeup community feels that someone of a different race is less than, or not equal to them, something is wrong.

With that being said, this post is going to be LOOONG and full of info. So sit back, and start reading!

So Jeffree Star has never been one to shy away from confrontation. If you don’t know, I decided to not post about Jeffree because of his past statements regarding race, using the n-word, etc.

Someone else who feels this way is Jackie Aina, a black female beauty vlogger who I am a big fan of. I posted about Jackie calling out Tarte in an anti-haul video. In that video, she also denounced Jeffree Star Cosmetics due to his previous racially insensitive comments, as well as him never officially apologizing for making them.

Months later, Jackie tweeted to her fans showing that JS BLOCKED her.


Other Beauty Influencers tweeted who had also been blocked by Jeffree, who as I’ve said, is not one to shy away from confrontation. Thomas Halbert, and Stefanie Nicole are shown tweeting below:



Things got interesting when Jeffree fired back calling Jackie a “rat” and insinuating she had not paid her taxes, even calling her channel “stale”.

This resulted in a bit of a tit for tat, where Jackie clapped back quite instantaneously:


Sssamatha and Alissa Ashley tweeted in support of Jackie, deeming Jeffree’s racially insensitive comments unacceptable:


Of course people thought that the reason for this block-ation was the anti haul video, which JS swiftly denied. However, receipts showed that in March of this year right before the video, he congratulated Jackie on an award nomination. Hmmm…


I could go on and on showing you guys tweets, but I think I’ve shown you the major pieces to this feud. Before giving you my opinion, let me share a key piece in the whole thing, a video Jeffree just posted:

In the video, Jeffree discusses his past racial statements, not specifically mentioning Jackie Aina, but more generally his experience dealing with his past brought up. I know what you’re thinking, and YES there is an apology.

Alright, here’s my opinion.

Let me just start by saying, not liking someone takes so much more effort and energy than liking them, which is why I feel like no one likes to make a stance against things said that are wrong whether they be sexist, racist, homophobic, or just plain mean. In a community like the beauty community, disliking someone is never easy. Do I dislike Jeffree Star? No. But I don’t agree with him saying what he said.

I have to commend Jackie, seriously because there is always someone saying that by standing up for yourself or what’s right, you’re being “dramatic” or “overreacting”. When really, this is what you should do. stand up against something wrong.

I believe it’s not always what you say, but how you say it when it comes to the N-word. I do occasionally bop to rap songs, and if a person of color uses it to refer to someone as a friend, I personally don’t take offense. But Jeffree used the N-word to suggest something wrong. That being that was disgusting. He joked about bleaching darker skin, and there is more. That is something that can’t be shrugged off, but like I said, it’s so easy to just go along with everyone and just like them. It’s hard to stand alone in righteousness, but just because it;s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.

I’m not a big name by any means. But like anyone with a blog, I have a platform. I choose to use my platform to speak my mind and say that racist behavior is wrong. whether it was 2 days, 2 years, 12 years, 20 years, whatever. if it came out of your mouth, that was how you felt. I need to see that you have changed and do not feel that way anymore. You can’t just brush it aside.

In regards to the video, I am glad he did it, but it really should have been done long ago. This is not something new, and I feel like Jackie’s statement in her video was correct. He should have made a statement about this. Blocking Jackie for pointing it out and calling her a rat (which he also called MakeupShayla, another popular black beauty influencer) only makes him look worse. had he just released this video, the situation would have been better. But now it appears to only be a means to an end.

I do feel that sometimes in this overly sensitized time we live in, things get blown out of proportion. Only Jeffree knows what his true intent was. But there are things present here that really can’t be denied. Things that as a women of color make me upset.

As a woman of color, I accept Jeffree’s apology. I do. I feel that he really was genuine and is sorry about his words. I mean if everyone recorded us at our most vulnerable moments, would we be happy? However, when you are provoked, reacting in a racially degrading way is not normal. And by not addressing it, you only make it more difficult for people to determine your true nature. Sadly, racists exist around us. If a person that deems someone of a different race below them runs a business, I would want to know so that I don’t make them richer if they feel like I’m not valuable to them.

So, I don’t hate Jeffree Star. I admire him for being different and showing that it’s okay to not fit a certain preconceived group. HOWEVER, that does not make it okay in the least to say something to degrade someone different than you.

I don’t have an interest to buy from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or to post about it. I want to see if the Jeffree in this video is legitimate. The thing with the truth, and the true nature of someone, is that it always comes out.

But, to conclude beauty babes, let me leave you with a quote of Maya Angelou’s that my mom has always told me:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

I’ll see you in my next post babes, and hopefully it’ll be less serious.

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Love you guys, Stay Fierce, and Stay Woke.




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