Sage’s Stuff: My Colourpop Single Shadow Collection 🌈 

Hello Beauty Babes!

So, recently, I’ve been kind of having some trouble deciding what to post. I want to have more of myself on here and not just report makeup news. I feel like I haven’t been using my voice enough and because of what’s going on in my personal life I’ve not been able to really show more of myself like I want.

I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on. The main point is, that in order to start having a more personal blog, that’s more me, I wanted to start doing a series of posts called “Sage’s Stuff” where I show you guys my personal collection of makeup that I like, what I think about it, how I use it, etc.

So the first post of Sage’s Stuff is about the Colourpop shadow singles. Colourpop is known for their super shock shadows, which I have and like alot, but now that Colourpop has introduced us to their super shock shadows at the end of last year, there is a whole new range to fall in love with!

I own a total of 14 single shadows which isn’t a crazy bunch, but is enough I think to really get a good idea of the full range of shadows.

I’ll go in the order of when I bought them, so it can be more organized.

The very first pressed eyeshadows Colourpop released were apart of a collection in collaboration with Amanda Steele. To be honest, if these weren’t the very first pressed shadows, I wouldn’t have gotten them. I usually don’t lean towards the color scheme. However, I was glad I got them. They came in a quad that I depotted and although I don’t lean towards cool toned grays, or smokey teals and purples, I did use them for smoked out looks and I really enjoyed them. They were pigmented and blendable.


The next time I bought pressed shadows was when the pressed shadow collection was first announced, so I ordered four that paired well together. They were my go to eye look for weeks straight. that’s how much I loved them.

Paper Tiger, which is a rusty, yellow, brown shade, is a good transition color and helps warm up the crease.

Note To Self, is a warm caramel brown and is one of my absolute favorite shades for using as a transition shade, or using in the crease. It pairs so well with my skintone, and helps the whole eyelook mesh together

Stay Golden, a warm raspberry shade, is so versatile. I love it in the crease or sometimes on the lid, it just gives neutral looks something extra.

Save It For Later: a classic warm gold is great for on the center lid. I feel like this gold is a staple shade that isn’t unique, but is definitely necessary


This past Valentine’s Day, Colourpop released pressed shadow duos in adorable packaging that looked like little love letters! I grabbed a duo with two burgundy purple shades one matte one metallic.

Pinky Promise, a metallic purple burgundy is a shade I like to use all year round, not just in winter, because it pairs well with pinks and purples, even gold shades like Save It For Later, and even by itself gives you a sultry burgundy eye look that goes with a lot of different looks.

Going Steady, a matte purple burgundy is a shade I probably use more than Pinky Promise, because I like blending this into the crease of a variety of eye looks even during summer.


The last group of pressed shadows I purchased was a few months ago after Colourpop introduced more shades. This time of year, these four are always used. together, or separately.

143, a magenta barney purple, was originally apart of their valentines day collection, but is now available as a single. This color looks so well with peaches, pinks, golds, its a key shadow when I want to do sunset colored eyes.

Play By Play, a gold with green shift, is nice on the lid, and is such a unique color. I also like it as a highlight.

Cut Outs, a classic light peach, is a great all over shadow, especially for summer. I like to use this and Note to Self as a transition shade, or on the lid with 143 in the crease. This is also great as a blush if you’re in a rush or something.

Pebbles, a satin finish rose-y pink reminds me of a french poodle for some reason! But anyways, this is probably one of the most versatile shades. I love using this in the crease, on the lid, etc. It pairs well under Play by Play, and I love wearing this with both Cut Outs, and 143. I recommend this to anyone who loves pinky toned shadows like me!


Now, as for the formula, is it the best formula of shadows? no. on a scale of 1-10 I would give the formula in terms of pigmentation, fall out, blendability, it would receive an 8. The mattes have a drier formulation, but they’re still soft, and they blend out really well. however, there is a fair amount of fall out so if you are a stickler for fall out, I would be careful. The metallics are not shimmery metallic, so I sometimes like to add a pigment on top of the lid, but the shades are so pretty that they don’t really require shimmer. Pigmentation is really good. for a brighter shade like 143, if you want to pack it on the lid, you would only need 2 or 3 layers for a full opaque color.

Would I recommend these? YES! Only $6 each and they come in a range of colors? not to mention deals on top of that at certain times! these stand up against higher end shadows. The formula is actually very similar to the Tarte shadow formulas, like from the Tartelette in Bloom and Tarteist Amazonian Clay palette, but I honestly use the Colourpop shadows more.

Alright you guys, that’s all for this post! I really hope you guys enjoyed looking into my makeup collection, I’m really looking forward to doing more on here!

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Stay Fierce! XOXO, Sage Slays



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