It’s Getting HOT IN HERE! Urban Decay Bring the HEAT This Summer! πŸ”₯β˜„οΈπŸ’₯

Hello Beauty Babes!

Summertime is here you guys and it feels like new products are popping up like popsicles on a summer day.

The release I’m talking about in this post, I’ve been waiting for for a looong time.

The Urban Decay Naked collection has been ICONIC, and one of the first cult favorites online. However, many people considered the collection a bit over and done with. But, without any notice besides PR packages sent to beauty influencers teasing a “hot new release” no one had a clue of what was coming.

The Urban Decay Naked HEAT Palette!!!


I have been in love with warm toned shadows before it became as popular as it has become and always wanted a warm toned Naked palette to be released. All my warm toned lovers out there, let us join together and let out girlish excited squeals for the release of this palette!

There will not just be a warm toned palette, but an entire Urban Decay Naked Heat collection, complete with three lipsticks, and two eyeliners.

Some people have already gotten there hands on this palette when Urban Decay made it available for one day on June 12th, however the official release will be June 30th. Ulta and Sephora will have the palette on there websites July 10 & will be available in store on July 13th!

Now, so far online, most people have been pretty excited and gung ho for this release. but, there have been some concerns.

One, was that the palette was “ashy” on women of color. People claimed that this palette was really bad because of this, and mind you, it’s not even out yet! this concern came up after some swatches of the palette really did not do it any justice. One of my favorite youtubers, Jackie Aina, tackled this in a recent video.

Some other frugalistas felt a deep pain in their wallet after hearing the price of the palette. $54! Of course, this price isn’t more expensive then the others, Β but with indie online brands release quality palettes at half the price, is it still worth it to pay that much? Personally, I’m on the fence and want to see it in store before shelling out the money for it.

12 shades with flaming hot names like “scorched” and “en fuego” are swatched beautifully here by @mimera929 below:


The lipsticks in this collection bring the heat as well.

Fuel, a light peachy nude

Heat, a slightly metallic warm brick red

Scorched, a slightly metallic copper brown

The liners are in the shades Alkaline, a purple toned burgundy, and Torch, a rusty orange-brown

Here are some swatches/photos courtesy of Beautezine and @MakeupCrayz on Instagram:


Alright you guys, that’s all for this post!

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Stay fierce, and i’ll see you in my next one!

XOXO, Sage Slays


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