Tarte is Saying “You Can’t Sit With Us” πŸ™…πŸ½

Hello Beauty Babes!

So aside from makeup reviews and hauls and whatnot I also want to post the tea about the happenings within the makeup world and community.

Now let me just start by saying that if you watch any beauty gurus or follow IG beauty accounts, you know the drama of affiliates and sponsors. It has gotten to a point when we can’t even take what someone is saying at face value. Some gurus push products for a profit without knowing if its good or bad. I’m happy though, that they have become more upfront with their business but we still have some work to do.

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Photo Courtesy of WeHeartIt.com

If you don’t know about affiliates and sponsorships, here’s a basic description from affiloroma.com:

“An Internet-based system where you (as an affiliate) get paid for referring sales or customers to another business.” … If the person does decide to purchase, then theΒ affiliate that sent them to the site earns a commission, which is a percentage of the product’s sale price. “

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Photo Courtesy of Google.com

The real issue can be summed up in this quote from theglammonitor.com article titled “Paid to Post: How Sponsored Content is Infecting The Online Beauty World” :

“With some of the top beauty channels on YouTube earning more than $50,000 a month, it’s become increasingly difficult to determine what products vloggers really believe in and what products are earning their paychecks.”Β 

We already get advertisements at the beginning of the video, do we really need to spend 8 minutes watching someone talk about a product just because they’re making money off of it? Thankfully, the FTC has set guidelines and beauty accounts like @beautytruthsleuthofficial and @herestheteax2 on Instagram shed light on these issues.

I was actually looking at @Beautytruthsleuthofficial’s page when I saw that Jackie Aina recently posted a video about Tarte:

Jackie Aina’s Anti-Haul video discussed Tarte at around 2:29 in the video. basically, she said that she has not received a single PR package or heard from Tarte since she discussed their blushes in a previous “Products I Regret Buying” video. In the video, Jackie said

“I can’t support a brand that won’t welcome my honesty. I kinda feel like they’ve shaped themselves into this like “you can’t sit with us” brand like if you say ONE bad thing you’re off the cool list. I don’t agree with that, like I just don’t see why you can’t take a few criticisms”Β 

Jackie also made it clear that most brands don’t act like this.

I think we’ve all noticed only a certain group of influencers who go Trippin’ with Tarte and receive their packages. I do agree with Jackie and am so happy that she was honest with us. I do personally like Tarte products but as a brand, they should really try to re-evaluate their methods.

Am I against affiliates/sponsored content? No! bloggers need money to buy makeup! Just don’t push a product you don’t believe in because you’re being paid for it. If an influencer pushes a new palette and it stinks, that’s not right on their part.

How do you guys feel about affiliates? Let me know! Also, you can keep in touch with me on Instagram @SageSlays_ Twitter @SageSlays and Snapchat @SageCatherineXO.

I’ll see you guys in my next post! Stay fierce!

XOXO, Sage SlaysΒ πŸ¦„


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