New Makeup Sponges Spotted! 

Hey beauty babes!

Remember way back 2 years ago when the only beauty sponge you could find was the pink beauty blender? Now we are swimming in spongey goodness! There’s probably even a spongebob makeup sponge out there! (Wouldn’t that just be a regular sponge?)

I have not yet bought the beauty blender. In the words of my girl Kathleen Lights “das expensive” I have however, been loving more affordable options like sponges from Morphe, Ecotools, and Real Techniques!

Real techniques used to only have one beauty sponge but just last year came out with Some more options and now have come out with ever more on top of that! Eco tools has even stepped up their game as well! Lemme show you some of the sponges I spotted at Ulta recently…

First, are the new Real Techniques 4 Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges. Now you may know that real techniques recently launched a bunch of new beauty sponges recently, adding on to their already popular original miracle complexion sponge. Now there are so many affordable choices. You can buy the original in bulk with up to 4 sponges in one pack, a jumbo body sponge, a sponge made for use around the eyes, even a DIAMOND sponge! Real techniques has shown no signs of stopping, so it was just a matter of time before they released minis! Now anything miniature speaks to my little kawaii heart (so cute!) but this isn’t just adorable. a smaller sponge reaches in the nooks and cranny’s that your normal sponge can’t fit. concealer for around the eyes, blending liquid highlighter and blush, highlighting the nose, the list goes on! Now these specific sponges are marketed for touch ups on the go but does anyone always do what the packaging says to do? no.

Image result for real techniques eye sponge

Courtesy of

Now Real Techniques another smaller sponge set called the “Mini Eraser Sponge” that is marketed for use around the eyes however, I believe these are smaller and the eye sponge set had a flat indent at the top where these are literal miniature replicas of the original sponge. also, you get four sponges as opposed to just the two. And there so cute and colorful!


Mini sponges are coming through at the drugstore. Not only is real techniques bringing drugstore beauty sponges, but Ecotools is as well! They already have a beauty sponge duo that is regular sized (still testing it out, i’ll let you know how it is soon guys)

Now these are the Ecotools Color Perfecting Minis. My naturalistas will love that these don’t contain any bad mojo and are cruelty free, as well as dermatologist tested. (That sounds good to regular schmegular girls too!)

Because Ecotools beauty sponges are so new, I’m not sure how soft these will be, since the original sponge duo purposely has two distinct textures, but the brand Ecotools as a whole hasn’t let me astray.

Now when I saw “color correcting” I assumed that they actually delivered color with the sponge by itself. However, because it says “best with color correcting concealers, I’m gonna assume that the colors are primarily meant to guide you and help keep the sponges organized maybe. (still, color correcting concealer inside the sponge would be really cool). I’m excited to pick this up and test it out!

Finally, I’m bringing it back to Real Techniques for this funky looking sponge. When I saw this, I was almost about to call an employee to tell them something weird is happening to their sponges. Don’t laugh! I thought perhaps it was really really dry? don’t judge. Anyways, it’s supposed to look like this!

I have to give props to real techniques for coming up with a beauty sponge for washing your face?!?! This is the Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge. It has the same shape and color of the original, except this is made of a material like a loofah for cleansing and exfoliating the face! Sometimes hands don’t get the gunk of the day off your face but spending hundreds on an exfoliating brush just isn’t tasting right. I’m glad RT introduced this product for skincare fanatics like myself!

This is only the beginning of beauty sponges. And i’m only talking about ones at the drugstore! You gotta appreciate variety! (I feel like i’m using the exclamation point too much) OH WELL!!!!

Alright you guys, that’s it for this post. It’s 7:30AM right now, so I need to go to sleep before my 3 o’clock class. Shoutout to my fellow nightowls. CawCaw! oh wait, owls hoot. Hoot Hoot!

Have a fabulous day or night and make sure to tell someone how fierce they are!

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Much Love, Sage Slays



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