Let Me Tell You…There Is Some Beauty Guru Drama! πŸ˜³πŸ΅

Hello makeup mavens! 

I want to let you in on some major tea spilled recently about a beauty guru I have really loved recently, Mr.James Charles! 

Courtesy of IG @JamesCharles

James Charles was recently named the first EVER male covergirl ambassador. As you can see he can definitely slay , but his Twitter fingers did some walking they can’t walk away from. 

He recently tweeted, on his way to South Africa a post generalizing Africa as all having Ebola, which is very offensive and stereotypical. There is not just the poor Africa seen on infomercials Africa is a thriving beautiful continent with wonderful resources and people. (BTW James, this might’ve been a better thing to say!!!) 

Affinity Magazine picked up this tweet as a story and it took off in a major way. 

Courtesy of IG @BeautyTruthSleuth

Affinity Magazine was later contacted by James team and asked to remove the article. James also issued a “PR apology” but it did not seem very genuine 

Courtesy of IG @BeautyTruthSleuth

This tweet sparked interest majorly and resulted in people looking back at some of James other tweets from early on, and found multiple racially insensitive tweets, as well as a post that James liked that seemed to lean towards white supremacy stating “white is the superior race” ! 

Courtesy of IG @HerefortheTea2

Courtesy of IG @HereForTheTea2

This has the entire beauty community going WTF? 

For me personally, this whole situation seems like the way my room smells right now. Like a stinky little dog fart. 

I have really been a fan of James recently and love his work. He is crazy talented! But ignorance is really something that’s not ever ok. 

I think now it’s complicated because on one hand, people say things that offend a race, gender, sexual preference, or even a person and they might not be hateful or mean but they just don’t even think about it and say they were kidding or just joking around. 

On the other, some people take any opportunity to shame people for their mistakes and bad choices. And instead of trying to change things they make it worse by being so vengeful against that one person. 

So seriously don’t go making “I hate James Charles” tweets and calling him anti gay slurs and hateful things because then you’re a hypocrite! If your offended, be offended. You don’t need to  say it fifty thousand times angrily on your social media. 

As for James, I really don’t know how I feel I have to see what he says and does after this, and how he treats the situation because it’s these situations that show you how a person really is. 

Alright you guys I hope you enjoyed the tea spilled in this post, and I will see you in my next one! 

Happy Black History Month! Learn Something. 

XOXO, Sage Slays βœ¨πŸ’‹πŸ¦„


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