Current Favorites 

Hello highlight enthusiasts! Let me tell you about my favorites these past few months.

I have been loving so many new things so let me share them with you!


I  have used this palette so many different ways for different looks! the quality of Coastal Scents hot pots and shadows really suprised me. they blend so easily, and have great pigmentation. Whenever I’m rushing or don’t know what to do for my eye makeup, I pull out this palette and use the matte white as a base (this shade is my favorite eyeshadow base for setting my primer), then I take the matte orange mac and cheese looking color and use it as a warm transition shade, and take Oktoberfest, the gorgeous warm matte brown color, and use that on the entire lid. Oktoberfest is such
a great color. it reminds me of Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, or any other rich matte warm brown. This entire palette screams and poops Fall!


This palette is not the original Fall Festival palette. I took out a few of the shades initially in there to add some of my favorite Hot Pot shadows; Oktoberfest, Sage Sensation (yes i bought this because it has my name), and Tangelo Tint.

Image result for coastal scents fall festival

courtesy of

My favorite most used shades are American Rose (satin finish deep red), Oktoberfest (warm matte orange-brown), & Bright Copper (metallic copper)

you can find this palette online at, or, for $14.95, or buy any of the shades individually (which are listed on their website) for $2! Sometimes they’re on sale for 99 cents, so keep an eye out!


May I just say THANK YOU Colour Pop magicians for creating such a fabulous lip gloss shade and formula! I haven’t seen any lip color with this gorgeous copper metallic hue. The metallic lip trend is still going strong and Cheat Code has awakened my inner coppery goddess!

Although this shade is absolutely pigmented enough to wear alone, pairing this gloss with a deep brown, or burgundy color is a favorite of mine to do.

You can get this for only $6 on!


If you asked me whether I would shell out the extra money for this moisturizer, I would give you a sassy black hell no. But, I felt like I was seeing this product all the time! magazine ads, social media, product recommendations for your skin type (normal to dry btw), etc. So, I decided to try something new, and I am over the moon! Whenever I apply this I feel like my facial thirst is quenched to the umpteenth degree! Like I’m on an oasis and the mist from the water has blessed my face with moisture. Why I really love this product though, is that it keeps that moisture! Girrrl, I went to sleep with a dollop of Hydro Boost on my face, and I woke up still feeling hydrated. The word I use for this moisturizer is QUENCHED. That’s how it makes your skin feel, that’s how it feels, just amazing. Trust me you guys, it’s an experience.


Now this product has been around since before I got into makeup. I use to see this product and wonder why you would need two different eye shadow primers. Plus, I don’t use glitter on a daily basis. But, I decided I could use it for loose pigments, and I heard such good things about this $1 product. Now I know why! this works on any metallic/shimmery shadow, and will transform it into a gorgeous pigmented beauty. Your metallic shades won’t fade away throughout the day, or have tons of fallout. it will truly look great, thanks to this glitter primer.


These lip liners have made me use lip liner normally. There was maybe one or two really good lip liners, but not one that totally amplified my lipstick or lipgloss. I got these at Ulta. The Ulta closest to me has been selling Palladio products on sale for weeks! 50-70% off I have been going Palladio crazy! I really am happy about so many of their products. (Thinking about doing a haul) But it all started with their lip liner in the shade Nutmeg. I am all about warm tones, okay? so I had been looking for a warm orangy-brown lip liner and I saw Nutmeg, and bought it, loved it, used it up. Right as I was looking for a replacement of Nutmeg, I see that Palladio lip liners are on sale. $2.99, to $1.35! I grabbed Nutmeg, and Cafe. By the end of the week, Cafe is half way done! I had been pairing Cafe with everything. So I go back, pick up some extra Cafe, and Walnut. Walnut becomes a favorite as well! So by this time I went back to get more lip liners and the scavengers have been opening things, breaking products, not a pretty sight. But they did have 3 lip liner shades I wanted to pick up. Vermouth, Raisin, and Suede. The formula of these lip liners is so great. It’s not too creamy to wear it loses its purpose, but it’s comfortable and not dry. It lasts for so long, and the colors are so unique. not the typical pinky nude, rose pink, berry, red, that’s it. Palladio is sold at Ulta, and Sally’s Beauty Supply so pick up a few!


Alright, alright. You don’t need to say it, I know everyone has already talked about how fabulous this palette is. For good reason! For soooo long I wanted to own this palette! Those warm oranges and rich browns were calling my name! Finally, I placed that order and after stressing for 5-7 business days about it arriving broken, (it wasn’t, thank you Morphe) I fell in love! The pigmentation, blendability, I mean, come on. seriously?! who doesn’t drool over this morphe palette in all its warm glory? *aaaahhhhhhh*

7. L’oreal Paris Voluminous Liner Noir

Anyone with long lashes probably knows the struggle of applying winged liner and it smears onto your lashes, and it won’t go on the lash line, so you have to keep using it then it gets all dry and you try to wipe some away and you start to cry and that makes it worse, yeah yeah. Sometimes people ask me how to get a good winged liner. I always say two words: Felt. Tip. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you any less of a pro to use something easier. The thing is, finding the right one that won’t dry out, and will LOOK like you mastered the art of brush tip liquid liner when you didn’t. This is why Liner Noir is my favorite right now. It is very black, not freakishly shiny, and doesn’t dry out in the first 2 weeks. The packaging makes it easy to hold the right way so you can make thin or thick lines, and spread your wings and SOAR!


Ahh, setting powder. you can give crazy flashback, make my face makeup look hella cakey, or dry out my skin. Thankfully, This Maybelline setting powder does not a one of these things. This powder really surprised me in the best way. Nothing can lower the slayage of a look like creasy under eyes. It seemed like one or two always made its way to the party and I was just about to call it a creasy day. Then, it happened. I looked in the mirror to check my makeup and no creasing! at all! And the pictures I took on flash came out flawlessly! What is this sorcery? For a setting powder under $10, it sure does a hell of a lot.


Don’t fret my pet, we are almost done. I just could not forget to mention this product. I had a few doubts about this highlighting palette. Although NYX is one of my all time favorite brands, I wasn’t drawn to it. I heard a few bad reviews, and decided to pass. But after picking it up, I could not believe how glowy it made me look without looking cakey! There is fall out, I won’t lie to you, but that’s common with soft and smooth products. I use most, but not all the shades. The yellow I haven’t tried and is probably my least favorite, and the lavender is nice, but I don’t reach for it as much as the others. These give you a glow that is not chunky, cakey, or not glowy enough. If you love to glow like me, pick this up!


Alright my dears, that is it for this post! I am so happy to be posting again and sharing my love of makeup with you. Feel free to follow my blog and comment or message me. I am so excited for what I have planned, and I can’t wait to share with you!

XOXO, Sage Slays


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