Sorry for not posting: I’m back and I’m better 

Hello Makeup Lovers! 

Thank you for joining me on this post. I just want to say how grateful I am for this platform to talk about something I love and things I want to shine a light on , and share that with other people. I truly don’t think I have a following and if I do somehow thank you. But if I do, I know you realize how absent I’ve been and I wanted to say sorry and explain it to you and for any other people who may see this. 

These pasts few Months I have been feeling kind of empty and just beaten or defeated. Not by a person or a thing but by a culmination of things, or just by life in general. Mainly, I’ve been dealing with trying to figure out how to manage school without being stressed out or pushing myself too far in terms of health. I’ve also had some changes in my personal life and was trying to get used to it. On top of this the election really upset me just seeing how hateful people were acting. I say all this to say that I am trying to bring myself up and be better and create things and that include this blog. 

This blog is kind of a liske my baby and it has a lot to go through. But i haven’t given it the care I want to in order for it to grow. I love makeup and how fierce women are and I am so happy to get back to blogging for you 

There is a TON of new posts and content coming and I hope you’ll check back to see what’s happening! 

And to everyone out there concerned for the future of America or just with this whole messy situation, remember that you cannot lose hope. LGBT, Muslim, African American, Women, Hispanics, you matter. You have always mattered. There is love for you. Produce love and keep bigotry and hatred away. 

I am so excited to see you in my next post! Stay Fierce 



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