Ulta Mini Haul- NEW Products!

Hello Makeup Haulers,

I cannot tell a lie! I have been buying a whole lot of new makeup. Like seriously, prepare for a bunch of new hauls. Starting with this one!

Recently, I ventured into my nearest Ulta. Lo and behold, I was smacked in the face with new products left and right!

BAM! new NYX lip products POW! New Maybelline products. WHAM! New real techniques products. I couldn’t contain my joy! I also couldn’t contain my spending. I was pretty good though, only three products.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go to Ulta without spending a good chunk of time in the NYX aisle. NYX is one of my favorite brands, and I have loved seeing the new products rolling in. I was keeping an eye out for a couple of products, but one in particular I couldn’t get my hands on soon enough! The new NYX Cosmic Metallic Lip Creams! I talked about the metallic lip trend in my Summer trend report, and with Fall coming soon, I don’t see this trend slowing down. I hadn’t seen them in Ulta at all until then, so of course I had to pick one up. And if you’re going with a metallic lip, why not go with an unconventional teal?


I picked up the shade “Electromagnetic”. It’s a metallic deep teal shade with matching shimmer. This product is not a gloss, it’s a very creamy formula. I do wish these were more transfer proof, however the formula is really comfortable. Not all the shades have shimmer, but for the ones like this one that do, expect a little grit, but not too much to the point of unbearableness. Also, taking this off, expect shimmer to stay on after wiping this product off. But with a wet makeup wipe, or better yet oil, it’ll come off.

Here it is on the left after i used a makeup wipe over it once or twice. you can see the glitter and some residue left over. Once you go over it a few more times it comes off, as you can see on the right.


The next product I bought I was jumping over the moon for, because I hadn’t seen in anywhere before now. But, Ulta came through and I picked up the new Falsies Push Up Angel Mascarimg_0394-copy-2a! I have been testing out this mascara for almost a month and this mascara, is AHMAZINGGimg_0393! It’s my new favorite. Maybelline does pretty good when it comes to mascara, but more so than not I like how it performs, but i’m not over the moon excited. But this time, call me a milk squirting cow because this is me, JUMPING over the moon for this mascara!

The bristle is so unique. It’s curved to one side, and within the curve there are a bunch of tiny bristles that get into every single lash. Even the lashes on my outer corner that always fold down were perfectly perky. Speaking of perky, this mascara kept all my lashes fluttery, and standing up. I have naturally curled lashes, so I don’t know how well it hold a curl for someone with straight lashes, but I do have certain lashes that don’t stay up as much as others, and it kept them up all day. Plus, the lengthening is unreal!

The bristles are only on the curved angle so the other side is great pushing up your lashes. As for the formula, no kind of flaking, and it isn’t liquid-y like I found the original to be (even though I enjoy it). And it doesn’t leave my lashes crunchy and gross feeling, just enough so that it keeps your lashes in place. And if that isn’t already enough, they work amazingly not only on top, but bottom lashes as well! They get the same definition and they’re lengthened to a point where it looks like doll lashes! Maybelline really outdid themselves with this product. Can I get a Slay-men?

The last product I picked up was from Real Techniques, and it is their new makeup sponge! It’s the Miracle Sculpting Sponge. The designated purpose for this product is for dewy highlight and contouring. This is described as a 6 sided makeup sponge. I wanted to see if this was a bunch of hullabaloo, so I counted and I honestly am not sure if there are more or less. This sponge has such a funky shape! You see so many bootleg booty blenders out there that are in these weird shapes so I was nervous to see if this was like that.

Thankfully, this is NOTHING like that. This sponge has the same bouncy texture and softness as the orange original sponge and the flat bottom surface is great for applying foundation., and for concealer, or highlighting, the smaller flat top and even the pointed edge are great as well. The only gripe I have is that because this sponge has so many edges and points, at times it’s hard to operate because holding it certain ways, you have multiple sides and sometimes they get in the way. However, this sponge makes my face makeup look flawless and dewy and glowing with fierceness.

I also spotted the new NYX #LOTD Lip of the Day lip liner. It’s really a unique concept. It’s made for creating lip art and designs in shades like gold, silver, purple, red, etc. With Halloween coming up, these will be super useful.


I can’t go through a day without using makeup wipes, so when I saw Shea Moisture had come out with a line of facial wipes targeted for certain skin types and issues, I was so excited to share. I haven’t heard anyone talk about these so they might not be new, maybe i’m just now seeing these. If you spot them, pick them up! Shea Moisture is known for their great quality organic products.


Alright you guys, that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to stay in touch, follow me on SnapChat: SageCatherineXO I post makeup looks, hauls, reviews, declutters, and just my daily life and slayage as well as a ton of ridiculousness!

Stay Fierce!

XOXO, Sage Slays



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