Makeup News: What’s Good in the Slay-berhood!

Hello contour blenders!

SO much has been happening. Literally the week before my classes start, all kinds of things are coming out!

First, I am especially happy for this because the person who collaborated to create this is my top favorite beauty youtuber. Like top 3, and THATS being generous! Her personality is so fun and down to earth, and her channel has great, but not too complicated tutorials, reviews, favorites, hauls, etc. Listening to her talk about dealing with things in her life, like her anxiety, made me feel like I was talking to my close friend, and helped me deal with similar things as well. I can be talking about no one else besides KATHLEEN LIGHTS!

Kathleen teamed up with Makeup Geek to create a highlighter palette!

Two of my favorite things- highlighter and Kathleen Lights!

This palette is amazing because it caters to everyone. Fair skintones, deep skintones, cool undertones, warm undertones, etc.


Here is what says about this palette:

Makeup Geek has partnered with popular beauty vlogger KathleenLights to bring you a limited-edition highlighter palette that includes three exclusive shades lovingly created by Kathleen

“I’m so happy and in love with this highlight palette! I wanted to create three wearable shades that suit every single skin tone in one place! A shade for fair skin, medium skin and deeper skin tones! So, no matter who you are, you can rock these highlights and be glowy and beautiful! You can even mix them to create your custom shade! Hope you love it as much as I do!” XOXO, KathleenLights

This palette comes with three 7g pans (so you get a lot of product) so 21g all together. These highlighters are cruelty free, paraben free, and talc free.


The shades in the palette according to the website are:

  • Nightlight— light gold with a reflective luminous finish.
  • Starlight—rosy pink with a reflective luminous finish.
  • Sunlight—soft copper with a reflective luminous finish

Nightlight is just like a classic champagne gold highlight. This shade will look so gorgeous on a variety of skin tones. The yellow tones in this are just great. the warmth in this shade will bring your whole face to life.

Starlight is a luminous rosy pink, just like it’s described. Whenever you don’t want the warmth of Nightlight, Starlight is a great alternative. The pinky tones will really work well with cool undertones.

Sunlight is coppery bronze warm deliciousness. Just thinking about how fierce all my chocolate and caramel (sorry I’m hungry) girls and guys are gonna look with this highlight I just have to let out a big YAAASSSS! It’s not too deep so it’s not gonna look like eyeshadow on your face, or bronzer, but its deep enough to give women of color an amazing highlight without it looking too light. I’m so happy that there is a shade like this in this palette so that we can all enjoy it.



The photos above are from when awhile ago, Kathleen Lights swatched the palette on her Snapchat (Kathizzle11). She also posted a video on her channel:

Now the big question: HOW MUCH IS IT???

$39.00, plus shipping. I know I know. I felt that punch in my wallet too. But, considering that you’re getting three high quality highlighters that are 7g each which is basically full size, It’s a good deal. And I will use this to rationalize maxing out my card to buy this…Just kidding. My card is already maxed out.

This palette isn’t the only news that’s trending…

Anastasia Beverly Hills, the master brand for brow products and liquid lipsticks, Has just launched their brand new stick foundations! The great thing about this launch is the variety of shades. Not just 50 shades of beige, but deeper skin tones, so that you can find your shade!


These stick foundations come in 29 shades. Once you find your shade, the range of shades is big enough for you to then find your highlight and contour shade.

These are $25 each, and each stick is 0.32oz, so you don’t get a full ounce, but this is pretty affordable, compared to the other high end foundation sticks on the market. I don’t think that these are available in stores now, However you can definitely buy these on their website:

Honestly, I have been LOVING seeing all chocolate bronze goddesses I follow swatching their shades and looking great in this foundation! It is an unnecessary struggle to find good quality deeper skin foundations.

Before signing off, I also wanted to tell you guys about the brand spankin’ new highlighters that Colourpop recently released!

There are FOUR new shades, that are made for fair medium and deep skin tones.


The shades are named:

  • Do Not Disturb – Deep Chocolate Bronze
  • Candyman – Classic Warm Gold
  • Might Be – Rose Gold. True Rose Gold
  • Flexitarian – White Champagne Gold

These shades are $8, like all their highlighter shades. Right now Flexitarian is unfortunately sold out, BUT all the other new shades are available so grab them before they sell out!

Alright you guys, I am so excited to keep you up to date on the exciting new releases and products coming out, as well as a bunch of new hauls, reviews, etc. So get ready!

Keep Slaying. Slay your classes, slay your eyebrows, slay your Monday morning, slay that boy who slept on you, just SLAY!

I’ll see you in my next post!

XOXO, Sage Slays





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