InstaFaves: Creative IG Accounts To Follow

Hello makeup enthusiasts! 

So, I don’t know about anyone else, but I love getting makeup inspo. from social media. There are a ton of places I like to look, but Instagram is definitely a favorite! The IG beauty community is a great place to hone some new skills, learn how to achieve a double liner, or a cut crease for hooded lids, or if you’re like me, you can just scroll through your favorite MUA’s pages with amazement while you sit on your bed in no pants.

I love so many different IG makeup accounts, and wanted to share them with you, so that you can find some “slayspiration”, and maybe enjoy them as much as I do.

On Instagram, there are so many different pages, and I love such a wide variety of them, I figured I would start by sharing some of my absolute favorites, who I think are tremendously creative. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of other favorite accounts, but these I found were some of my favorite artistic and creative accounts. Trust me, there are a ton more accounts I would love to share, and will, but I narrowed this category down to the IG accounts that I constantly double-tap,  am scrolling through, all of that. So, let’s get started!


This account is a TOP favorite for me in general because of how much I enjoy seeing Jazmina Daniel’s artwork. Her canvas? her lips! With her diamond piercing right above the cupid’s bow, she dominates lip art, taking it to an entirely new level. Spots and stripes? HA! Jazmina has done movie scenes from The Wizard of Oz, & Titanic, and more, painted a city skyline, a cosmic galaxy, and even does gorgeous ombre lip patterns as well. I always have to check back to her account because I love to see what she’s coming up with next! Her account isn’t just full of lips though, she also does amazing makeup on the rest of her face as well, and let me tell you the fierceness is real. This curvaceous bombshell also posts adorable pics of her and her girlfriend, and they are just…goals. just goals. soccer goals, metaphorical goals, life goals, goals! Make sure to go and follow!





When I decided to do this post, I knew deep within my makeup loving soul that Beautsoup would have to be mentioned. I am borderline obsessed with this account! my camera roll has so many screenshotted pics from this account that inspire me to try out new looks. 24 year old Molly Bee is spewing with creativity. With her vibrant purple bob, and rock star good looks, she creates
amazing looks from everyday fierceness, to out of the box amazing-ness. Her eye looks are always inspiring me to be more outgoing, so make sure to follow, and check out her feed! It will make your day, seriously.



You know those girls that are rocker and badass and they scare you a little but you don’t mind because of how cool they are? Yeah that’s how  I feel about Ourfa’s feed! Her makeup is so great, I am always seeing different looks and just completely loving them. She is never afraid to try something out of the ordinary and amp up her everyday look. Her personality and style are so unique, they really help set her apart.  Like I said before, she is just this gorgeous rocker chick with amazing makeup skills.


You know when you scroll down your Instagram feed, and you see a pic of someone’s makeup look that is so fierce, you just have to take a second to fully understand how great that makeup look is? Yeah. That’s how you feel whenever you see a post from DMR319. Although this account isn’t full of crazy detailed face art,
I truly feel like this account is one of the most creative ones I  follow, because of how unique her looks are. It’s not just full of everyday makeup looks -which she also does amazingly- 
but this account is full of colorful looks you wouldn’t have thought of doing before. DMR319 is such an amazing makeup artist, and her looks are always giving me so much inspiration. If you love makeup, and are always trying to find someone to follow for inspo, go follow DMR319. You’re welcome.



If you have some free time and you want to be amazed, scroll through Jonysios feed and watch his videos. They are amazing! His videos are always themed in some kind of way,
like the one where he was a handy man, or the one with bananas used to contour! His personality and charm shows through the minute you see his videos. He is hilariously authentic and unapologetic. His boyish charm and adorable smile will make you glad you followed him. If you are already a Jonysios fan like me, then you’ll be glad to know he is going to be starting up a YouTube channel soon! The more I get to see him rock a makeup look the better!


Alright you guys, these are just a few of my favorite accounts. This isn’t in any order, these accounts are just the ones that stand out to me right now as some of the most creative, and the ones that I lean towards when I want a certain kind of makeup inspo. However, I have a ton more instafaves to share with you, so please stay tuned!

XOXO, Sage Slays


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