Kat Von D v. Jeffree Star: More Tea to Spill!

Hello eyeshadow blenders!

So I quickly wanted to update you guys on the insane situation between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D.

Yesterday, I told you a bit about it, and also said that I wouldn’t be posting on Jeffree Star Cosmetics right now because of the racist video that surfaced with him, and just to decide morally, how I felt about him and his brand. I know I’m not a big person, but my voice is the thing I have to communicate how I feel, and that is powerful, and please don’t forget that your voice is powerful also. Even though I won’t post about his line right now, I am not bashing, or bullying him. That isn’t how I want to be seen, and you shouldn’t either.

But anyways…I am remaining neutral, not team anyone, I see different points of view from both, and also see things that make me give side eye from both. Just please remember before going and bashing Jeffree or Kat, that you don’t need that kind of hate. And they don’t either. Only they know what really happened, and there are always THREE, count them, 1, 2, 3 sides to every story. The first side, the second side, and the most important, the TRUTH. Each side carries it’s own bias, and own memory, and feelings. So just please don’t get angrily invested in someone elses troubles.

So here’s the tea for those of you who are unaware…

Kat Von D. posted on Instagram about her disassociation from Jeffree Star. They have been long time friends, so this is a really big shock for most people. Kat posted on YouTube, a full explanation, which is below.

She basically says that she doesn’t want to bash him (even though you can’t really not bash him when your in that situation) and just says that she feels like Jeffree has changed a lot, and explains that she doesn’t appreciate his materialistic behavior, and how he treats people, and recalls a time when apparently he went off on a smaller brand for a mistake they made relating to him. Kat tells us that she set up Jeffree withย a lab, despite his telling, that she vouched for him, and was a big part of his success. ย The MAIN reasoning deals with Jeffree’s logo design. Kat recommends someone to Jeffree named BJ who comes up with some designs, and Kat says Jeffree didn’t pay him for his work, however, the Jeffree Star logo, the one we all know and love, looks eerily similar to one of the ones BJ came up with! Last Saturday, BJ texts Kat saying he was never paid, and when Kat speaks to Jeffree, She says he basically was very rude, and told her to f*** off. She feels it’s hypocritical for Jeffree to post about cars and bags and all these things, and not even pay BJ for the design. I do think this is understandable,ย however for her to go to these lengths, I feel like it isn’t about just that, that it deals with a lot of other instances with him and her.ย So, then Kat makes the post on Instagram, and now we’re here.

Jeffree was apparently on the road for Warp Tour, and didn’t have Wifi, but he finally responded with a video of his own (George Takei voice: OH MY!). Here it is below:

Jeffree, who may I say without bias was very much on fleek -insert snap here-responded to all the things Kat brought up, and tells his side. From his telling, he and Kat had drifted apart for months prior to this, and hadn’t heard from her. In fact, (get ready for the tea you guys) Jeffree spoke to someone at Too Faced cosmetics, who told him that with their collab with Kat, she was being difficult and coming in late (not sure how relevant that is) and that she told Jerrod Blandino, the head honcho at Too Faced, that Jeffree STOLE, I repeat STOLEย  one of her ideas! Although they do use the same lab, Jeffree denies this, saying it’s not even a remote possibility. This was weeks before Kat sent the text. BTW, Jeffree shows us the text log, which I think was very honest, and kudos worthy. If you want to get all conspiracy theorist, you could say that maybe he deleted a part of it, but I don’t think so. He doesn’t say “f*** off”, but he basically says something along those lines. He says that he did not steal the idea, that he came up with it, despite the similarity and also, he has already paid BJ, which BJ confirmed on Twitter. Jeffree says that Kat knew she was bashing him, and that despite saying that no one should attack him, that she knew it would happen. Me personally, I don’t think Kat was as conniving as that.

Both have disable the comments, but the people waging war have gone as far as commented hateful things on their other videos. Wow. Aren’t you cool.

I think that both presented themselves well, and both got their sides across. The fact that Jefree has been in conflict situations more frequently does give a cast of doubt, but Kat posting about it in the first place isn’t the greatest thing to do, especially since she is speaking on someone else.ย They both seem to be playing the victim here,ย so I’m just in the middle. Just like a brown eyeshadow look, I’m neutral!

I really hope that this won’t get any worse, and that people will think before posting. I know this isn’t my typical subject matter, but because it is makeup related, and has been the focus of a lot the makeup community, I wanted to keep you guys updated. I hope you enjoyed this post.

XOXO, Sage Slays




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