Kat Von D vs Jeffree Star?!?! Oh Snap…

Hello liquid lipstick lovers. No time for pithy banter! I wanted to quickly post about what’s been all over my feed this morning. 

You guys are familiar with Kat Von D, mega tattoo artist, creator of Kat Von D cosmetics, which produces amazing quality products that are serious cult faves like the shade and light eyeshadow palette and contour palette, her Lolita liquid lipstick, etc., recently posted something totally shocking. 

Have I been electrocuted? Because I’m SHOCKED! ⚑️ (Ba dum tsss) 

Here is the post I’m talking about… 

Basically in this post, she is publicly separating herself from anything having to do with Jeffree Star, even going as far as removing the “Jeffree” liquid lipstick shade in her collection that’s named after him! It makes you wonder what could have happened to make her feel so adamantly about this? If you aren’t aware of Jeffree, he is the creator of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and is also a  beauty influencer, with huge followings on Instagram, and. YouTube. Jeffree also used to make music. I spoke about a product release from his collection a while back, and expressed how fond I was of him. Jeffree Star is a very outgoing person with a one of a kind personality. These qualities, as well as many other things have grabbed my attention as well as millions of others. However, the Jeffree Star experience has not been steady…

This is not the first time problems have risen featuring the liquid lipstick afficionado, and plenty of people have stopped buying from Jeffree and supporting him because of these problems.

Jeffree has had problems with one of my favorite beauty influencers, Makeup Shayla. Jeffree snapped about Shayla reportedly insulting a third party at a beauty event and went in on Shayla, holding nothing back. on Snapchat he went on a rant to his fans about his bad feelings toward Shayla. he had gone as far as calling her a c***, and talking about getting physical with her. And not in the peppy Olivia Newton-John hit song sort of way!  Yikes. 

Months ago, a YouTuber named RockyRoadKill spoke about his Jeffree Star Skin Frost being shattered before using it, and after seeing it, Once again Jeffree snapped back by commenting his hurt feelings, which caused a huge stir. I won’t speak much on this since I don’t have all the info, but googling it can help give you additional info. 

The most…surprising curve on the Jeffree Star Rollercoaster (before this) would have to be a 10 year old video surfacing of Jeffree and a friend making a video where he talks about bleaching someone’s skin so their black skin would match their foundation, as well as a bunch of other very racially demeaning things throughout the video. I don’t know where to find this video, but the internet is full of info. 

As a woman of color, I was very angry about this but not only that, I was truly hurt to even have to wonder if the person I follow and support and watch would even like me because of my skin tone. The video was satirical and made 10 years ago, but that’s not the point. At the end of the day we are human and I don’t know enough to say anything either way. Racist things can be said by people who aren’t even racist. Mistakes are always made. 

This begs the question of what exactly you want in a beauty guru or influencer. Or even a brand creator. Do you want to the person behind to brand to be someone you would like to support? Who is personable and friendly and cares about others. Or should the makeup be separate from the person whose name is on it? 

As for me, I want the person who I’m supporting to be a good person. Not perfect, but a person who doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t produce negativity. Someone I can see as a friend, who cares about other people and is trying to be a good person, even if they make mistakes on the way. And someone with a beat face. That too. 

When you support someone or buy something, you are making a choice to further that persons career and success, as well as putting money in their pocket. Being makeup consumers, we have the power to decide who gets what, and what we get in return. So just remember that if the person or brand you buy from is letting you down, you have the power to stop supporting them. 

I’m going to be Switzerland. Neutral. My name may not be Bennett, but I ain’t in it! I won’t be buying from Jeffree Star Cosmetics or posting on his cosmetic line for a while, at least until he speaks about these issues that have constantly been coming up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna be bashing people or anything like that’s. I’m just being Switzerland. If anything comes up resulting from this I’ll be letting you know! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know your thoughts on what’s going on.  

I’ll see you in my next post. 

XOXO, Sage Slays πŸ’‹βœ¨β€οΈ


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