Trend Report: Slay for Summer! 🌺🌸☀️👑

Hello cosmetic hoarders!

I have missed posting on here for my invisible readers, and the occasional real person who actually reads my blog. The past few months have been so crazy. I have been dealing with my health, I was out of town in Atlanta for a graduation, and then right when I got back I caught a bad case of strep throat, so I had no time to keep up with the makeup world and post on here. But, after a handful of doctor’s appointments, antistress aromatherapy, and a week’s worth of antibiotics, I’M BACK! I figured that what better way to get back into the swing of things, then to look towards the fun of summer, and help you guys get ready to slay in the summertime!

Even though I live in a place where season’s don’t bring about change, I still get excited for the new season. I wanted to post about new and exciting summer trends that have been all over social media, YouTube, IG, Trends that brands have been noticing and releasing new products. I also included easy and affordable ways to achieve these looks, and examples of the trends being used by some of the most influential beauty gurus.

Alright! Here we go:


  • Bright and colorful are two words that you automatically associate summer with. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your look is by adding color through eyeliner. This is by no means a new concept, but this year, people have been doing amazing things with colorful eyeliner. Both on the waterline, and winged out.
  • You can use a variety of colors, maybe pastels, neon, metallic, etc. Matte pastels will add a touch of color, while simultaneously opens up your eyes. If you just want a little pop of color, try a cobalt blue or royal purple in the waterline. But if you want to amp it up some more and really slay, try using two liners in the same look. For example, a metallic bronze liner in the waterline, with a bold blue winged liner
  • So now you may ask, where can I find bright liners beyond the browns and blacks and occasional navy blues? Here are a few brands with a ton of great quality liners
    • Colourpop Cosmetics $5-6: Colourpop has all the colors you can think of, with more probably on the way. not only is the formula amazing, but it’s less than $10!!!
    • Maybelline Gel Liners $6: Although these eyeliners don’t have every shade imaginable, the formula is great, and lasts well on the waterline. You can find a teal shade, a bright nude, a purple, and also a copper shade in this collection.


  • Mattes have been a huge favorite this past fall, and even now people are still mad for mattes. But, metallics have come back on the scene, and have totally made me a believer.
  • Metallics give your lips new dimension, that gives your overall look new life. Brands have been breaking out metallic lip products from high end, to low end. Milani, Wet N Wild, Kylie Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics, etc.
  • You can test out this trend by using loose metallic pigments, or eyeshadows and adding them to a cream or matte lip product. Peachy lip shades look amazing with gold, and purples go well with blue.
  • A few brands that have affordable metallic lippies:
    • Wet N Wild has some of my favorite lipsticks, which are the megalast line. However, they also have another line that is only 99 cents each, and most of the shades are metallics! My favorites are “Dark Pink Frost” “Java” and “Breeze”. You could even use a neutral metallic lipstick in the center of your lips for an added effect.
    • Milani just released a collection of metallic liquid lipsticks. I haven’t tried this collection yet, but I would love to get my hands on it.


  • Of course colorful eyeshadow is expected this season, but this summer especially, SO many people have been wearing aqua green & matte yellow! both colors work well on a lot of skin tones, and is also very stunning and eye catching
  • This aqua green trend is usually worn in a metallic finish, with minimal liner. Focusing on the one aqua shade on both the upper and lower lid, with a slightly darker green shade in the crease to add depth, will really open up the eyes.
  • The matte yellow trend is actually worn as a cut crease, carved out with a black liner. It looks edgy, but colorful, which is why I think it’s so great.
  • Take it one step further by adding a colorful pastel liner on the waterline!
  • You can try these trends with any other color you want, or in a different finish.


  • This eye look is so fun to me, because it’s so simple, but I never thought to try it! Basically, this trend adds something new to a regular cut crease. Everything is pretty normal, neutral transition shade, nude matte lid. However, right where you cut the crease, you emphasize it with a pop of gold along that line! Shown here on the right, @Amrezy on IG is SLAYING this trend here when she wore this look to Coachella.
  • Just because this trend is typically worn with gold, don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different colored liner in the cut crease.
  • Jordana Cat Eye Liner in Future is my favorite gold liner to achieve this look. Just remember that you want to make your cut crease higher than your actual crease, so the liner will show, and won’t fold into your lid.



  • Orange and I have not always had an easy relationship. But this trend has me going BANANAS for orange! (get it? because oranges and bananas are fruit, but oranges are a color? nevermind…)
  • This look doesn’t just scream summer, it explosively farts summer!It’s so fun and colorful, and you can really get creative with how you wear this.
  • The key to this look, so it doesn’t look like you smeared a bunch of orange crayons on your face, is to focus the orange on the eyes in one area, like the crease and/or upper lash line, then blend it outward and keep the rest of the eye neutral, so that the orange will pop.
  • Wet N Wild Art In The Streets palette has an amazingly pigmented orange in it, as well as other colors that will add color to tons of looks.
  • If you want to make this look more neutral, incorporate bronze shades to go with the orange. Milani’s Earthy Elements palette is a great palette with bronze shadows, and even an orange-brown shade.
  • For a more colorful look, add pink in the crease along with the orange for a sunset inspired look. Try using blushes as eyeshadows if you can’t find a pink eyeshadow


  • Yep, that’s right freckles, are in! I’ve always loved the unique aspect of freckles, even hoping that the big pores near my nose were actually freckles instead (they weren’t though. boohoo). But now, everyone is trying to get in on the freckle phenomenon, and it’s pretty easy.
  • Take a matte brown eyebrow/eyeliner pencil, and press the tip onto your cheeks, and twist the pencil to intensify the color. do this sporadically around your cheeks and nose wherever you want your faux freckles to be. then, for a more natural look, dust powder over the freckles. For a blushing look, take a warm toned blush or bronzer and add it before you apply the faux freckles. You can also make the faux freckles with brown gel liner and a thin liner brush. the key is to keep them small.
  • Want a magical look? add glitter and color to your faux freckles! you will definitely get noticed!


Alright you guys! That’s all for this post. The most important thing to remember with any makeup look, is that you should slay it and have fun with it! and don’t just do something because other people are. your style is your own, and don’t be influenced blindly . however, also remember that trends are a fun way of expanding our style. so don’t deny a trend, just because it’s a trend.

I’m so happy to be back blogging, and I will definitely be back with more posts!

XO, Sage Slays ❤️✨


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