New Colourpop Ultra Matte & Satin Lippies! πŸ’„

Hey guys! just wanted to let you know that today, April 14, Colourpop Cosmetics are releasing TONS of new shades for both their Ultra Matte, AND Ultra Satin Lips.

They are releasing four of each.

The new Ultra Matte Lip shades are

  • Privacy Please – Muted orchid purple
  • Are & Be – Reddish dark brown
  • Cheap Thrills – Cool toned mauve-y brown (90’s lip)
  • Bianca – Warm medium toned nude

The new Ultra Satin Lip shades are

  • So Wavy – Bold royal blue with purple undertones
  • Brooklyn – Coral-y red shade (looks slightly different in the two pictures)
  • Molly – Medium toned pinky mauve
  • Littlestitious – Light neutral toned pinky nude

Dang it Colourpop! Always gotta come with the new products! Let us pray that we get the color lippie we want before it sells out, that the website will not crash, and let us also pray for the Colourpop fanatics who are low on funds from buying too many makeup products (talking about me here guys) and let us pray that soon they will be able to buy all the new Colourpop products they want.

Can I get an Amen?!

One of my favorite Instagram accounts,Β @MakeupbyJesi , posted swatches of the new shades next to already released Colourpop lippies! The new shades are the ones with the star next to the names. So check that out below, and make sure to follow her for swatches, makeup looks, updates, etc.:


Here is another photo from @MakeupbyJesi of only the new shades swatched, with the Ultra Matte shades on top, and the Ultra Satin shades on the bottom:


Alright you guys, I hope you enjoyed this update, and that it was helpful. Have fun shopping, and stay gorgeous!

XO, Sage Slays ❀️


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