March Slayage (Favorites) ๐Ÿ’‹

Hello lipgloss swipers! So for this post I’m going to be telling you guys about my favorite products from March.

Now, I actually wasn’t going to even post a favorites video for March, but even though this post is pretty late, I just figured it would be better to just share what I was using last month, and go from there.

I do think though, that this may be my last monthly slayage, or favorites. Not that I don’t want to share my favorite products, but I realize (at least for me) that by the time I wait until the end of the month, choose the items to write about, do the pictures, or the video like last time, I’m actually already on a whole NEW set of products that I’m using and loving, and I want to share those as well, but you have to wait until the end of the month, and all that stuff. So after this post, I’ll probably be doing posts about the products I’m using, and hopefully it will be more current and up to date.

March was a good month in terms of finding amazing products. Although I went through some personal things in my life, makeup was always there to make me feel better.

I gotta be honest with you guys. It’s like 5AM right now as I’m typing and I’m getting ready for bed, got my hair tied up, my bra off, and I always lather myself in lotion, or moisturizer so while I’m typing, the lotion is making my wrists and elbows slip. Just thought I’d share.


I’m very into skincare. I don’t get a lot of blemishes, or have really bad breakouts, so I feel really blessed to not have to be so aggressive with my skin. However, it kind of makes me want to keep things from going bad, so I try to find really good skincare products. I’m all about that mask life, that scrub life, I love to pamper my skin.

I was at Target and saw a few Nip + Fab products, and was surprised at how affordable it was. It wasn’t like super inexpensive, but it was reasonably priced, and so I decided to try it out. It was the Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix. On the bottle it saysย that it’s “A 3 in 1 exfoliant with glycolic & salicylic acids to refine, brighten, and renew” If you don’t know, salicylic acid is used to treat acne.

I normally don’t like scrubs because it takes longer to rinse off, because of the little beads inside of them. So, I was originally skeptical. I’m not going to say that when I tried it I didn’t have that issue, because I still did. However, when I dried of my face and felt my skin, it felt AMAZING. I don’t have a staple facial scrub, or cleanser, and haven’t seen a significant difference right away except with this one. The area I have concerns with is around my nose, and looking at it, I saw that the pores around that area were a lot smaller, and my skin was just glowing with awesomeness. I even bought the cleanser version, and have been liking it as well.

Another find from last month is the 100% Organic La Tourangelle Virgin & Unrefined Coconut Oil. I hopped on the coconut oil bandwagon 2 or 3 years ago, and I liked how the other ones felt, but they weren’t organic or unrefined. Plus, they didn’t have a smell. I liked the general coconut oil, but wasn’t impressed by a single brand. Then, I was at Target (duh) and almost forgot to pick up a new jar, so while my mom was in line, I ran and picked up the first jar I saw, which was this one, and I am just SO happy I discovered this.

It’s the BEST coconut oil, it’s super hydrating. I use it on my body, my face, my lips, under my eyes to help with dark circles, I add it to my body wash, and THE SMELL! It smells like cookies or something. Like those really good airplane cookies or something. That’s what the smell reminds me of for some reason. But seriously, pick this up. It is amazing.

Even though this isn’t a beauty product I did want to mention it quickly. I picked up the Signature Soy Coconut Cake Scented Soy Candle. You can find these at, you guessed it, Target. Hey I’m sorry! Target is great. Team Target all day!

You can find this line of candles at Target, it’s usually shelved separately on display. I love this line of candles, they have so many scents TRUST me, you’ll find one you’ll love. I love this candle so much. The smell is just so freaking delectable, as soon as I smelled it in the store I was sold. It’s super sweet which I know not everyone likes, but I do. However, it’s not a sickeningly sweet scent, where you can’t take it. These candles deliver the scent so amazingly. It fills the room so comfortably, but it doesn’t just hit you obnoxiously. It is so good! I don’t even eat coconut cake you guys! But if it is as good as this candle smells, I will start! It’s so funny because this candle’s scent is so potent, that even if I’m sitting and doing my makeup, and the candle is laying there unlighted, I’ll smell something sweet! The best part? It’s only $5!!! they also have bigger sizes if that floats your boat.

My face routine has really changed this March. I was NOT happy with my other foundation I was using, it just didn’t wow me as much, so I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Matte in 332 Golden Caramel. I wasn’t going to include this in my favorites actually, until I realized how much it’s improved my makeup routine!

Let me first say that this foundation matches me PERFECTLY! That is rare for me, being a woman of color, even though I’m really not that dark, which I think needs to change. But about this foundation, so Maybelline released new shades for the Fit Me line so I saw it, and the golden olive undertones immediately stood out to me, and I bought it. I was nervous at first because it IS a matte foundation, and I have normal to dry skin, but it is such a comfortable matte. My skin never feels tight, or patchy, or anything.

Another thing I switched up was my primer, and I decided to try the NYX Born To Glow Illuminating Primer.

I am SO happy I tried this primer out! It’s supposedly similar to the L’oreal Lumi primer, but according to KathleenLights, one of my favorite beauty guru’s, the NYX one is a lot better. It isn’t sparkly or anything, it’s a pearly white color, and when you apply it, it feels like a primer, so it doesn’t just slide all over your skin. It gives your foundation a nice healthy glow, and for my gorgeous chocolately girls out there, don’t be afraid of the white color. it won’t appear ashy. I love using this with my Fit Me Matte Foundation!

Last but definitely not least, the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in Vegas Lights. I am all about that glow life. If you can’t see my highlighter from across the room, hell. from across the STREET, something is wrong. So I have been looking for some good highlighters to try out for that glamourous, high impact glow. I heard good things about the shimmer strips (again, from KathleenLights. Love her, go check out her YouTube channel) so I bought it and let me tell you. The shade you get from this, is STUNNING.

ย ย 

A classic metallic champagne gold highlight that looks good on so many skin tones and undertones. You can also use this as an eyeshadow, and it is just as gorgeous on theย eyelid. There are five of the strips that go from a yellow gold to a bronze, and you can determine the shadeย by where you put the brush. I doย have to say, the only thing about this highlighter is that there’s a kind of film over it at first that keeps you from getting the intensity you want. Iย would recommend using a scratchy brush over it, or carefully using your thumb nail to scrape it off. But trust me, it is still worth it.

Alright guys, that’sย it for this post! Message me or comment letting me know if you like any of these products. Stay gorgeous!

XO, Sage Slays โค๏ธ



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