Keke Palmer “Enemiez” Music Video Inspired Look ❤️💋

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts! I am VERY excited about this post.

As you probably gathered from the title, this post is about the Keke Palmer “Enemiez” music video look I recreated!

Now, I have been listening to Enemiez by Keke Palmer ft. Jeremih for weeks straight. That song is my jam, my jelly, my strawberry preserves, all of that. The music video is just as great. It’s set up in like a dark, urban setting and these two forbidden lovers are trying to get away from the drama and be together, and the outfits Keke Palmer wears are so original and fabulous. But I immediately loved the makeup look.

Here are some pictures from the video:


(Courtesy of

It’s a sexy, dramatic black/brown smokey eye with a pop of shimmer on the lid. I really wanted to do this look for a while now, but what really made me want to go ahead and publish this, was the fact that the legendary Miss Keke Palmer FOLLOWED little ol’ me on Twitter a few days ago!

I have always been a HUGE fan of hers. Ever since Akeelah & The Bee, (she even inspired me to enter a spelling bee) as well as one of my favorite Nick shows, True Jackson VP, (Am I the only one who tried to fit my whole name into the part of the theme song where she spells out her name?) She is such an inspiration to me. She is an amazing role model for me as a young African American women making strides in the world.

One of the reasons I love using Keke Palmer as beauty inspiration, is she is such a true, natural beauty. She doesn’t need to go overboard to be noticed. She has the grace of a girl next door, with the fierce presence of a superstar. So, to see my recreation of the “Enemiez” look, just keep scrolling!

   Okay, so, the true test of a recreation look is to compare it to the original. So, here we go!

                          (Courtesy of Google)

 So here are the looks side by side, and I really am happy about this look! I opted for a nude with more color as opposed to the an extreme nude, and I did not put on lashes for this look, but I do think that this look slayed! Here are some more pictures of my recreation below:


Now my dears, I’m gonna list a few of the steps, but mainly just show you what I used. I didn’t include my foundation/base routine, because I plan to do that in a separate post, but everything else is listed below..

I started out with my eyes because it’s a more smoky intense eye look, and I would definitely recommend doing the same, to avoid fallout, as well making a mistake with smudging liner on your cheek, or something. If you are stuck in your ways of face before eyes, I would apply translucent powder under the eyes to set the concealer, and THEN go into the eye look so that the fallout will fall onto to powder, which you’ll be wiping away anyways. Smart right? 😉

I used the Nyx full coverage concealer in Medium as eyelid primer, and I regret it. I usually use my OCC Crème Colour Concentrate in Trick, but wanted to experiment, and ended up with creasing. blechh. Before going into shadow I used tape to make the edge sharp.

Then I set it with the Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Brulee, which is amazing. After this I went into the Elf Mad for Matte Palette & used the two lighter shades, which I pointed out with unicorns, as a transition color. Transition! It will seriously make the look appear more blended and attractive. It just won’t get you a man. Sorry. Just keep blending!

I then used the taupe-y brown shade fourth from the end to define the crease more, and blended it outwards toward the tape. After this, I took the gray shades second to the end and blended it into the crease on top of the taupe-y brown. The best brush for this look is a fluffy blending brush. Smokey eyes can very easily look raccoon-ish, so blending will make it look sultry, not sloppy. Still won’t get you a man though. Sorry.

Finally, I used a dense, rounded crease brush to pack the dark black/brown shade directly into the crease, then used a fluffy blending brush to blend it out, and into the other colors. Don’t go too close to the brow bone when blending this shade out. After this, I took a little bit of a creamy black liner and smudged it into the crease to look darker, but that was optional.

To finish off the lid, used a flat shader brush to apply the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded (pictured right), then took a shimmering champagne gold from the middle of the J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Shadow Trio in Gingerbread (pictured left) and applied it to the lid with a damp brush. Try not to overpower the darker shades, and feel free to bring the crease colors closer to the lid shade. I took a the same Wet N Wild Brulee shade to define the brow bone. Finally, I applied the matte black/brown to the lower lid, as well as the champagne gold, and finished it off with the lightest shade in the shadow trio in the inner corner to open up the eye.

I applied some NYC High Defintion liquid felt tip liner on the lid (no wing) and put some Covergirl Ink It! kohl liner in 230 Black Ink on the waterline and the lash line to intensify the look.I put on a few coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara on the top lashes, and L’oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara on the bottom lashes.

For the face, I defined my cheeks with Elf Contouring Blush/Bronzer Duo in Turks&Caicos, then went in with a simple baby doll pink blush so that it wouldn’t distract from the eyes (Benefit Rockateur Blush from the Rockin’ Rose Gold Lip & Cheek Kit). I wanted the same glow that Keke had in the video, and admit that I might’ve gone overboard with the highlight since I used two, but I love to glow! I used Wet N Wild Highlighter in Boozy Brunch, and Milani Tantastic Face/Body Bronzer in 01 Fantastic in Gold.

For the lips I differentiated a bit from the original look by choosing a warmer nude, which I thought would prevent the look from looking too cool toned on me. I lined the lips with Jordana Easy Liner in Tawny and dabbed on a little bit of the Colourpop Lippiestix in Tootsie. I finished it off with Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss in Rose, Would You?

Alright you guys, THAT completes the look! I know I can sometimes write too much in my posts but I just try to get all the important things in before I lose your attention! Did I lose it yet? Huh? Don’t you die on me!

Let me know if you like recreation looks, or more tutorials by either messaging me or leaving a comment.

Make sure to check out the Enemiez music video down below,

AS WELL as a smokey eye tutorial by Miss Keke Palmer herself

I hope you enjoyed this post & I’ll see you in my next one.

XO, Sage Slays


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