30 Day Makeup Challenge, and I’m tagging EVERYONE!

Hello makeup lovers! Can you believe it’s already April? New month, new things to do!

I’ve had this 30 day makeup challenge picture saved on my phone for so long, I forgot where I got it from! However, I’m a big fan of tags & challenges, so when I came across this photo yesterday, I thought I’d do it, and invite everyone reading to participate as well!

Here it is:



Basically, it’s a daily makeup challenge where you either answer a makeup question about yourself and what you prefer, or you complete a task.

And yes makeup lovers, I know that it’s the 4th day of the month. But I think we can all overlook that right?

DAY 1 : When did you start putting on makeup?

I was kind of all over the place as a kid. I would love playing dress up, and doing tea parties, and playing with fake makeup, but I would also love reading science encyclopedias and doing experiments and writing stories, and for some odd reason, I thought that I could only be one or the other. smart, or girly. art, or science. My older sister was also into makeup and those things too, but not really into science so I thought that being science-y or nerdy was supposed to be my thing. However I still LOVED makeup. My mother wasn’t into a lot of makeup, but I grew up around my grandmother and her sisters and they would buy us Wet N Wild lipstick and nail polish and would let us put makeup on them. For a long while though, I actually stopped and focused on other things like school, or theatre, but I still loved it.

Around middle school I started feeling ugly. (cue the violins) I have a blood disorder called sickle cell anemia and one of the effects is later development. While my classmates were giggling about boys, and putting on mascara and eyeliner, I was still stuck in my childhood. I desperately wanted what most girls my age wanted. To be pretty. To be admired by boys, to be envied by other girls, to be a young lady, not just some girl.

I remember watching a music video, it was Excuse me mama by Mishon. Basically, in the video, Mishon is chasing a girl (Keke Palmer) through a mall and asking her mom for the girls number. I just remembered watching and thinking that I looked nothing like that girl and I just thought “her makeup is so nice. I’ll try and use makeup”. So I used some of my older sister’s makeup, and for some stupid reason I thought eyeliner on the waterline made such a difference. So whenever there was a dance, or whatever. I would bring out that black eyeliner and hope it did something!

My freshman year of high school, I had a crush on a guy (who would become my future ex-boyfriend. Trust me girls. Guys always want you after you come up) He made it clear he wasn’t interested, but…


it was homecoming, and I thought maybe just MAYBE if he see’s me looking great with my black eyeliner and nice dress I’ll have a chance. So I got ready with my sister and her friend, and bought this sparkly white , Milani eyeshadow.

OH. MY. GOD. WHY LORD WHY COULDN’T I LET MY PAST SELF KNOW ABOUT BLENDING!!! Suffice to say, I looked a hot mess and a damn fool. But I still thought I was cool with my black eyeliner and white eyeshadow. (did I mention I had braces too? ugh.) Spoiler Alert! Nothing happened at the dance. In fact, nothing happened that whole school year. crush after crush, I got rejected and really felt ugly. The fact that guys at school would say “Sage is ugly.” “Basketball head” REALLY wasn’t helping with that. By the end of the year, a guy I really liked told all his friends he thought I was “so fucking ugly”, and I cried and cried. Not because of the guy, just because of how gross I felt. That summer my sister and I were in California with my dad and before I even left I decided I would change. I would be pretty, and get a boyfriend. I know it sounds lame af, but that was my prerogative.

The lord is good, let me tell you, because that EXACT summer, I got my first period, grew BOOBS! Big ones too! HA! I changed my hair, got my braces removed, started experimenting with my wardrobe, and, I bought some REAL makeup. Before that I had “special occasion makeup” a Covergirl lip gloss, eyeliner, cheap clumpy mascara, you know, stuff from Claire’s, and the $1 Elf section. But that year, I bought the classic Maybelline Great Lash, and by that summer, I had a whole stash. (by the end of that summer, I had quite a few stashes!)  and ever since then, I’ve learned SO much and my love for makeup has grown profusely!

DAY 2: How did you learn to put on makeup?

I’ve never taken a makeup class or anything like that. I guess I’m self taught? I made SO many mistakes though. For a good year I had the thinnest brows and to fill them in I used a jumbo eye shadow crayon in a frosty bronze color. Blechh. It made them look so sparkly! I have a long LONG list of other mess ups. But I’m glad for them because it really is how you learn.

A big help I had was my sister, Celene. She’s a year and a half older than I am, so she always did everything first. puberty, boys, and makeup. Like I said before I always thought we had to be different because we really are different on a lot of things, but for the things we have in common, we really bond over them. So makeup was one of those things. I was still in my “black liner in the waterline will fix my face” phase, and my sister and her friends were doing winged liner. BAD winged liner, but I mean we were all just winging it (haha get it?)

My sister is a party girl, and very social so she was always going out somewhere. and I would see her get ready in the bathroom, and she’d put on the liquid liner, and foundation, and all other kinds of things and I asked her how she did it. It looked so complicated, and I was convinced it would burn on my eyelid. But, one time she let me go out with her and her friend and they dressed me up and fixed my hair and did the winged liner.

I felt so gorgeous because of that. Guys tried to talk to me, and I of course reacted to this by making manatee noises, but I really am grateful for that. People assumed that because I’m more of a homebody and my sister is into going out and partying that she’d be more into makeup and I’d be into, I don’t know filing taxes or something. But now, it’s my “thing”.

Besides my sister, Makeupgeek.com, wayyy before the amazing cosmetics came out, helped me so much. I thought that it was genius how the site showed you basic makeup skills and talked about undertones, and brushes, and actual important stuff! I also learned  SO much from YouTube. I know, who hasn’t, but it really is great. you have video tutorials on most anything available to you. You just have to be curious enough to search for it, and I was. Michelle Phan was a BIG help, also Nicole Guerriero and so many others.

DAY 3: Favorite Brand
This is a hard one, because one, I can’t decide on so many things and two, I don’t feel like I’ve experienced a lot of different brands, because I’m younger and not financially independent I really don’t have a chance to try different luxury or retail makeup brand products, even though I REALLY wish I could. Like a lot.
Right now, I would have to say NYX cosmetics. I have SO many NYX products. Eye, Lip, Face, I try a lot of their products and am always very happy with it! They have so many great products that people rave about like the Jumbo Eye Crayon in Milk, or the Butter Glosses, or their lip liners, or their blushes, even the products that AREN’T talked about as much are still AMAZING! I have only been disappointed about 2 or 3 products and out of the large amount that I’ve bought and loved, I’m willing to overlook it.
My second favorite would probably be Wet N Wild. Actually, maybe even tied for first because Wet N Wild is the balm dot com. Wet N Wild was the first brand of makeup I used and I feel like people judge the brand because of the name and the cheap packaging, which I did a little as well. But once you wear them, you will just fall in love.
I am OBSESSED with their Mega Last Lipsticks, I have almost every color besides the ones that are too light for my skin tone. Those lipsticks have one of, if not the BEST formula in a lipstick that I have tried. The range of shades is ridiculous, SO many high end dupes, and their eyeshadows are just as good! The Comfort Zone palette is a must have for me, Brulee, their cream colored shadow single, is my favorite all over setting shadow for the lid. Blushes? GOOD. Highlighters? GOOD (except for that catwalk pink illuminating palette) Bronzers? GOOD. They are such a good brand. If they have cute packaging, and a shmancy name, they would be on top!
DAY 4: Do you like wearing foundation? If so, which color & your favorite
Because I’ve written way way too much, I’ll keep this short.
Yes I like wearing foundation. I didn’t used to, I would just wear eyeshadow, liner, mascara, blush, lipstick, and NO foundation but I learned. I don’t have a lot of blemishes or scarring or darkness, which I am thankful for so I didn’t see a need for it, but It does help your whole makeup routine go smoother. It’s the foundation. literally. I’ve also had some bad foundation experiences, transferring, patchiness, etc. But now I am using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation in 332 Golden Caramel, and I love it. I had trouble matching my skin tone in the past because I am a woman of color, and even though I am not very chocolatey, brands still don’t cater to my skin tone, and even if they do, I still need to find a yellow/olive undertone, so I’m glad I found this one. I’m also in the shade W8 in the L’oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation.

Alright! So everyday, or every other day (starting with this post) I’ll post my response to each daily question/challenge, and I want as many people as possible to complete this with me!

You can start at day 15, go from day 30 up, only the odds, add your own questions, Just make sure to participate on your blog, or even your social media! If you are participating, just tag each post #30daymakeupchallenge or #april2016makeupchallenge

I hope you guys have fun with this tag,  and if you don’t want to participate, that’s fine, no hard feelings! (she says with obvious hard, stale, and crunchy feelings)

Okay makeup lovers, That is it for this post! please feel free to do this challenge with me, and I’ll touch base with you in my next post.

XO, Sage Slays




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