New Spring Makeup Collections! Get Excited.

Ahhh. Little cartoon animals are frolicking, the flowers are blooming, Babies are being born (and made also heehee) This can only mean one thing. SPRING IS HERE! And no, I’m not excited for the extra humidity that will add to the struggle of keeping my face beat all day, but for the AMAZING new collections that are coming out!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am getting winded trying to keep up with all the new releases! It seems like everytime new products come out, a newer product is never far behind! But I figured instead of trying to get ahold of ALL the new releases, that I would try to blog about a few at a time so that you can know about them sooner, and won’t have to skim through a ton of new information just to find what you really want.

So, let’s get started!


I had to type with all caps because I love me some Colourpop. for months, I kept seeing Colourpop and people would rave about their products so much, I gave in to the hype and placed an order, and I am so glad that I did! Not only are their products good quality, and one of a kind, but everything on the site is less than $10! So of course I was jiggling with excitement once I heard their new spring collection launches TODAY!


*jiggle jiggle jiggle*

Earlier this year they released their new Ultra Satin Lips, and their new brow products launched just weeks ago. However, Colourpop wasn’t planning on letting me and my fellow makeup junkies rest. It’s like a line of confetti cannons that just won’t stop.

“Hit ’em with the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks *BAM*. Now let’s bring on the brow products *BAM BAMM* Now let’s shock ’em with the new spring collection *BAM BAM BAMMM!*”

So Colourpop released the following:


3 New Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks in Spritz , Botanical, and Naked Ladies

3 New Lippie Stix in Hype Girl, Croquet, and Crumpet

Photo Courtesy of IG @MakeupbyJesi


5 New Super Shock Shadows in Luckfully, Flowershop, Belladonna Lilly, Flutes, and Wattles


4 New Crème Gel Pots/Liners in Honeydude (liner), Teaspoon (liner&pot), and Descanso (pot)

As you can see in the pictures (which I got from one of my favorite IG accounts, @makeupbyjesi. Did you know she’s the lips on the Colourpop website?), these shades are screaming spring. A lot of bright pinks, and greens and purples. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am still stuck on my vampy lippies and true browns. Even though these new products are calling my name, I’m stick rocking my matte burgundy lipstick.

There is NO need to wait guys, because these products are going live on the Colourpop site ( TODAY! So go place an order before the sold out buttons start to appear and try and take away our happiness. Don’t let them!

BUT WAIT! Before you go, make sure to use the following COUPON CODE for $5 off your order!!! That’s like a free shadow or lippiestix, or free SHIPPING! A makeup lover’s arch nemesis!!! (right after girls who judge other girls for slaying their makeup on the daily) Anywhoo, the code will be listed right below and it’ll be in bold so you won’t mistake it or miss it.


I wanna shoutout the IG account @lipstickjunkieforever for this coupon code, and for keeping me in the loop. go check her account out!

Not only has Colourpop been launching new products lately, but so has Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing TEN new liquid lipstick shades this spring! There are a few gorgeous nude shades, including “Ashton” which is a warm toned brownie nude amazingness, but there is also a bright hot cool toned pink called “Rio” and a vibrant purple/pink shade named “Madison”. They’ll be launching this April.

Here’s a list of the shades, and a photo courtesy of IG account



  • Naked
  • Stripped
  • Crushed
  • Dolce
  • Ashton
  • Soft Lilac
  • Kathryn
  • Catnip
  • Madison
  • Rio


To see these shades in action, as well as witness some major slayage, go follow IG account @Norvina, who is Anastasia Beverly Hill’s daughter! She is always posting funny meme’s, serving face, and sharing info on new products.

The last piece of news I wanted to squeeze into this if you’re still reading this post, is the new Halsey & MAC collab that is launching TODAY!

So Mac is partnering with multiethnic artists such as Tinashe, Dej Loaf, Lion Babe and Halsey for their Future Forward program. Each individual artist is going to release a product, and today, March 31st, is when Halsey & MAC’s collab is going to release! The product Halsey is releasing is a gorgeous and unique blueish grey matte lipstick that would slay on so many skin tones, which always makes me excited! Who wouldn’t be happy about equal opportunity

Photo Courtesy of IG @Iamhalsey



So make sure to get ahold of it. It didn’t launch at midnight, but it is expected to launch this morning.


Before ending this post, I just wanted to thank some of my favorite makeup IG (Instagram if you don’t know) accounts for keeping me in the loop, and for the amazing photos swatching the new spring makeup collections.





Alright, that’s all for this post, and trust me, there will be more to come! I hope that this post helped you out.

Would you guys like to see an eyeshadow tutorial next, or a drugstore haul? message me or comment to let me know!

Love you for reading, and keep slaying.

XO, Sage Slays


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