Oops I did it again…

I bought some new stuff, got lost in the aisles (ooh baby baby)

Yes, I got some new things! Specifically, new things from NYX. NYX cosmetics, is one of my absolute favorite- probably a top favorite- brand(s) right now. I love how affordable the products are, but are really high quality, and almost all makeup gurus have a handful of favorites from NYX. I have love for their lip products, face products, eye products, and whenever I try something new, I am so excited and RARELY ever disappointed.

I headed to Ulta during the week and was very pleased with the new things on the shelves. The new NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are not just online folks, it is also available in store! New shades were all over the place, New shades for the butter glosses and butter lipsticks, the soft matte lip creams, matte lipsticks, etc. the ombre lip duos were also there, as well as new products from their full throttle collection, and the newly anticipated NYX ombre blushes, which I picked up!

I was really excited for the new ombre blushes because it seems like they’re popping up everywhere! Nyx, Wet n Wild, and Essence have all released ombre blushes, lippies, or both.


I bought the new NYX ombre blush in the shade “Mauve Me”, which is a gorgeous purple-mauve color that is very unique because even with the purple in it, it’s still wearable, but very gorgeous. I do have to say, I don’t really see the difference between ombre blush, especially since it isn’t two different colors, it’s just a very pale mauve that transitions into the color of the blush, I do like it however, as a blush. It has a nice flush of color and gives you a nice glow without looking too glittery. Also it’s very buildable so you can wear it how you want to. It was $10 though, so I wish that it was a little less expensive, but maybe that’s just the frugalista in me .


Next, I picked up an illuminator from NYX. Everyone is familiar with their liquid illuminators, but the compact ones are really lesser know. I only first discovered them at Target since they expanded their NYX aisle, and picked up the shade “ritualistic” which is absolutely AMAZING, but I don’t want to go too much into it, because I’ll be mentioning it in my January Favorites post. But anyways, I was so impressed that when I was at Ulta I wanted to see if there were more, and there are!


I bought the shade Narcissistic which is a peach tone with gold shimmer, and it reminds me of Milani Luminoso, or Nars Orgasm slightly. It’s a highlight, but you could definitely get away with wearing this as a blush topper to look super glowy


I had to pick up one of the new matte lipstick shades. I’ve tried the new matte lip cream, butter gloss, and intense butter gloss shades, so it was just a matter of time! Can I just say I am in LOVE with all the new shades! Just talking about the new NYX matte lipstick shades, they are so great. They chose more bold and unique shades, there are TWO different gray shades, deep burgundy colors, taupe-y browns, and so much more.


The shade I got was “Up The Bass” and it is just so unique I think. It’s this purple/gray shade that I have been seeing a lot on Instagram lately. It reminds me of the shade “London Fog” from Gerard Cosmetics. it’s not the same shade, but it’s definitely similar. If you haven’t tried the NYX matte lipsticks PLEASE do! They are great.



The last thing I got was the shade “Locked” from the new NYX Full Throttle lipstick collection. These lipsticks are matte, and very long lasting. they remind me of the concept of liquid lipsticks, but in a traditional lipstick form.


The color locked is a deep vampy color with hints of red and brown. You can see it in the picture above, swatches next to “up the bass”. I do have to say, I found this color streaky. If you run into the same problem, I recommend wearing a liner underneath to maintain a bold, opaque color. I don’t think all colors from the line are like this, because of the reviews I’ve heard, so I will probably try another shade before making a final decision on this line. Also, the lipstick has an odd chiseled shape which is “supposed” to make application easier, but honestly, it seems a bit gimmicky since after a few uses the shape fades away. But, I’m gonna try out this product a little more before making a decision about it.

Although, I didn’t pick this up, I was so excited to see even MORE new products from NYX! the full throttle lipsticks are accompanied by a blush/contour duo, and an eyeshadow quad! The reason I am so happy for the cheek contour duo, is that the contour powders within the duo come in darker shades, which can be worn by woman of color! A lot of cheek duos aren’t able to be worn by everyone, so I was so happy to see this product. From the swatch, they are EXTREMELY pigmented and buttery!


The eyeshadow quads are apart of the full throttle collection and although I haven’t seen these at stores, they are available online. They are $10, not including shipping. Nyx has been releasing a ton of amazing products and I am so excited I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control…well, you know the rest.


Alright you guys, that’s it for this post.

XOXO, Sage ❤️


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